12 MAR. 21

Your Plumber Will Love It If You Follow These Pipe Care Tips

If you find yourself frequently needing your local plumber’s help, maybe you are doing some things wrong. You might be misusing your plumbing or neglecting to take care of it, and your plumber might already have told you about the problem before.

If you have been too preoccupied to get their message, do not worry. We have listed the essential plumbing care tips you need to remember on this list. Keep these notes in mind so that you do not have to spend more on hiring a plumber for the same problem.

Here are some reminders that your local plumber wants you to practice: 

Turn Off Your Water Valve If You Are Going Away for a Long Time
Some homeowners get too comfortable with the idea that their home is always in great condition and will not encounter any problems. That is why when they go on an extended vacation, they always forget to turn off the main water valve in their home. Doing this menial task will only take a few minutes, but it will save you and the house from potentially hours or days of cleaning up and fixing a flooded home. By doing this, you also save yourself from a high water bill in case you have a leak. 

Do Not Pour Grease into Your Sink
One of the common mistakes in every household that people tend to ignore is pouring grease down the sink. Some may think that the oil will eventually find its way out, but not everyone knows that when grease gets caught in the pipes and solidifies, it can lead to a huge blockage in your drain. You will end up hiring a plumber to scrape and unclog the pipes for you.

Instead of pouring grease down the sink, collect it in a container. Let it solidify and throw it in the trash after. 

Leave the Tap Dripping During Cold Days
Leaving your faucet dripping is not recommended unless you have pipes with a history of freezing during wintertime. When pipes get frozen during cold days, the water inside also freezes, leaving you with no water to use. The simplest way to avoid this is to keep your faucet running when needed. The continuous flow of liquid will melt any freezing water and will encourage movement along the pipes. Just make sure to put it on a steady and light drip to avoid an excessive increase in your water bill.

Avoid Placing Too Much Stuff Under the Sink
Placing random and bulky items under your sink can harm or move the drain traps—those curved pipes you see under the sink. As much as possible, clear its surrounding space because it is the last thing you want to get damaged in your house. That curved pipe is responsible for many important things, such as catching small items and debris that fall into your sink and preventing sewer gases from entering your home.

The Garbage Disposal Is Not the Same as Your Trash Can
Know how to use your garbage disposal properly. It is meant to handle your food waste, not serve as your second trash can. Here are some things to remember:

  • Avoid using it for fibrous foods to prevent the drain from clogging

  • Flush the ground food down the drain with lots of water

  • Only add food waste in small amounts; if you have a pile of food waste, place them in the compost pile instead.

The condition of your pipes at home can be influenced in many ways by your actions. Among the main contributing factors to their wear and tear are your habits. If you know how to avoid and what practices to stop, your pipes will start to experience fewer problems and perform better. However, if there are serious conditions that need immediate attention, seek professional help instead of taking care of them yourself. 

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