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Do you reside in Calgary? If you do, then you know how pleasant and warm it usually is in Calgary compared to any other Canadian city. However, when the winter sets in, the weather turns entirely chilly, leading you to almost freeze. The maximum average temperature experienced by Calgary is -1°C. While some people crave such transition in weather, others are bothered due to the havoc that is caused during the winters. The one aspect that can undergo a lot of damage during winters is your plumbing and heating appliances. Nevertheless, irrespective of the seasons, your plumbing and heating appliances indeed need frequent repairs and regular maintenance.

If we are to talk about your home’s heating appliances, they are either prone to damage due to excessive usage in winters or need repairs or maintenance regularly. Whereas, plumbing is affected the most, whether it’s winter or summer. Your slightest clogging issues need proper attention. Even a bit of ignorance can affect your homes in the long run, and you will incur huge costs. Thus, it is essential to get on a call with your plumber, discuss the plumbing or heating issues and ask them for emergency action if the problem is worse.

If you don’t have a trusted plumber already, you can rely on 24 Hour Plumbing Heating at any hour of the day. Across the length and breadth of Calgary, we provide complete plumbing, HVAC, and water mechanism-related services. With our wide range of services, we won’t ever let you face any plumbing havoc, because we know what a broken plumbing mechanism or faulty water heater may result in. With several years of experience, we ensure 100% satisfaction the moment we step out of your house.

Our range of services include, but aren’t limited to:

Bathroom fixture repair and maintenance
What if one day you wake up to find a flooded bathroom because of the broken faucet leakage or broken bathtub? The water unstoppably gushing out from under the bathroom door would be like your worst nightmare coming to life. Such tragic incidents take place only when you ignore the smallest faucet leaks and try to make peace with them with some DIY projects. It is important to act fast and get your bathroom plumbing fixtures repaired by a professional plumber as soon as possible. Leakages in the bathroom or lack of water in pipes might not seem like a big deal but could lead to massive damages and can reflect a considerable rise in your water bills. So, do not hesitate to call 24-hour Plumbing Heating even for the slightest leaks or plumbing emergencies.

Complete toilet services
As soon as you sense a filthy smell coming out of your toilets, call a professional plumber for your rescue. A broken toilet can fill your entire home with filth. Apart from this, you also need to be alert enough to pay attention if your toilet bowl has any sign of leakages due to a broken flush tank. Often, when the flapper is unable to seal the flush valve opening after flushing the toilet, it can lead to a considerable wastage of water. There are multiple ways to check if your flush tank is broken other than checking the flapper. However, upon recognizing such issues, call a professional plumber to get your toilet repaired. 24 Hour Plumbing Heating will answer your emergency call any time of the day, and the best plumbers come to your rescue with their sturdy tools.

Septic tank installation and repair
The work of a septic tank is a highly important one. If your septic tanks stop functioning correctly, it will lead to the backing up of sewer water, and you will start smelling sewer water in your kitchen sink or any other water outlet. The dysfunction can also lead to the reverse flow of this sewer water and thus can accumulate under your kitchen or toilet pipes. The moment you see smelly black liquids accumulating in your toilets or sinks, it’s time not to withstand the bad odour and call plumber service as soon as possible. If such an emergency occurs at an odd hour, you can always call 24 Hour Plumbing and Heating and get your septic tank repaired. If you are new to the neighbourhood, don’t forget to get a septic tank installed in your homes, since these tanks will help you a great deal in keeping your pipelines in good shape.

Complete drain and sewer line cleaning
After some time, your drains and pipes require some attention. It is vital to get your pipes and drains cleaned due to many reasons. One of the significant reasons is when homeowners pour grease down the drains without thinking about what they will have to go through, in the long run. Sometimes, the pipes that are connected to the sewer accumulates waste, and this leads to sewer water backup. Many times, it is also because of the soil accumulating in the pipes. 24 Hour Plumbing Heating has a multitude of techniques to get your drains and sewer lines cleaned up as sewer lines and drains should be taken care of and cleaned every 18-22 months. If you think, it’s been a long since you last got your drains and sewer lines cleaned, now is the time to get them cleaned.

Sump pump installation and repair
Sump pumps are located in your basements. People often care for their entire home plumbing but tend to miss out on the sump pumps. Sump pumps help in pumping out the excess water that sometimes gets accumulated in the drainage pipes. Since this water accumulation can lead to flooding in the house, sump pumps are an essential ingredient in avoiding such havoc. For people who are new to the idea of sump pumps, get them installed in your homes so you won’t have to worry about the water accumulation that results in breeding grounds for insects and flies. However, for people who already have sump pumps installed, do not ignore them if they are broken. Such broken sump pumps need to be immediately treated for which you can hire 24 Hour Plumbing Heating.

Repiping is the most basic kind of plumbing care that your home will ever need. If you see that your pipes are broken either by noticing it yourself or through water meters, you should consider repiping. If you choose to ignore your broken pipes, it can incur high costs. Another reason to consider repiping is when you see that the pipes are corroded and need replacement. Thus repiping should be considered under the circumstances of the most minute of leaks or decay.

Slab leak detection and repairs
There are many leakages that you cannot see with your naked eye. These leakages can either be inside the walls or below the ground. Slab leaks are, however, leaks that take place under a concrete slab. So, how do you think you can detect such slab leaks? There are some usual ways that people use to identify slab leaks. The pooling of water, wetness in the foundation, or a sudden spike in your water bills against the amount of water you consume are some ways to identify slab leaks. The most credible way, however, is to install a water meter and measure the wastage of water effortlessly. Upon detecting such water waste, call 24 Hour Plumbing Heating to get your leakage detected and repaired.

Water purifier and filter repair and maintenance
Your water purifier is absolutely of no use if it is inefficient in purifying or filtering out water. The constant usage of water purifiers can lead to internal damage to the machine, or the machine could lose its efficiency in filtering water. Thus, it is crucial to maintain your water purifier’s condition. It is also important to call professionals for regular maintenance of the water purifier if you find any leakages in the purifier or the water flow is very slow.

Water softener repair and maintenance
Who wouldn’t like to increase the life span of their plumbing systems and go easy on their budget? If you are also the one who desires so, a water softener is a must-install for your home. As we know, hard water tends to leave your pipes with calcium deposits which can reduce the life span of your plumbing system, specifically pipes. But water softeners can effectively soften the water by replacing the calcium and magnesium ions with sodium and potassium ions. Sometimes, these water softeners lose out the salt, and you start to feel dry and itchy when you take a bath. This means that your water softener needs attention. Your brine tank must be filled with the appropriate water softener salt and valves need to be checked. If you feel that your water softener system isn’t functioning correctly, you should consider calling 24 Hour Plumbing Heating professionals.

Water heater installation, repair, and maintenance
Your heating appliances like water heaters are much required during the cold climate of Calgary. What if it chooses to give up on you when the season sets in? To avoid any such tragedies from occurring, you should maintain your water heaters with regular maintenance checks. Apart from that, how are you planning to identify the problems that your water heater might undergo? The hard water might hinder the heating of water. While other intense problems can also cause your water heater not to function properly, you need to call a plumbing professional to get it identified and repaired.

Air conditioner installation, repair, and replacement
Apart from the chilly climate, Calgary is mostly sunny. How will you beat that heat when your air conditioners are not blowing that cold air towards you? Air conditioners that are on the edge of breaking down will not only stop throwing cold air towards you. These AC’s tend to release bad odours which is a clear sign that it is asking for some attention. Are you lately noticing water leaks from your AC? This is also one of the significant signs that you need to call a good HVAC professional like 24 Hour Plumbing Heating to tend to your air conditioner needs. 24-hour Plumbing Heating offers on-time air conditioner repair and replacement services.

Furnace installation, repair, and maintenance
Is your home not hot enough when the winters kick in? 24 Hour Plumbing Heating has experienced HVAC professionals who can install decent quality furnaces at your homes. However, if you already have a furnace installed at your home and it is no longer making your home comfy and cozy in winters, you need to get it repaired. Your HVAC needs should always be looked after, and if you appoint 24 Hour Plumbing Heating for your HVAC care, our professionals will parade to your place with firm and sturdy tools.

Duct Repair and replacement
Ducts are prone to the accumulation of dust or very common leakages. If not acted upon soon, it can significantly affect your health and disrupt your HVAC system. If your ductwork is inefficient in providing you with warm comfort in winters and chillier indoors during summers, it's time to get your home ducts repaired. If the ducts are beyond repair, 24 Hour Plumbing Heating also suggests you best replacement options.

Thermostat repair and replacement
Thermostats are installed when you want to adjust your home temperatures per the weather outside. If your thermostat isn’t able to set temperatures as per the set temperatures or tripping your air conditioners, heaters, and other HVAC systems on or off, you should understand that a repair or replacement is needed. Call 24 Hour Plumbing Heating under any such irresponsive thermostat circumstances and get your home all cozy and comfortable for a peaceful living experience.

Boiler installation, repair, and maintenance
As you are well accustomed to the cool place that Calgary is, you know what an important role a boiler plays during winters. 24 Hour Plumbing Heating will suggest to you the best boiler upon analyzing your and your home’s demand and needs, in terms of quality and size. If your boiler gives up on you midway during the winters, immediately call 24 Hour Plumbing Heating so we could send you our HVAC professionals to look after your boiler needs. Once installed, do not forget to take regular maintenance under consideration. If you appoint 24 Hour Plumbing Heating, our professionals will visit your place as soon as your emergency needs arise.

Air quality system installation and maintenance
You already have highly polluted air outside of your homes, why have the same quality of air inside your house? Air quality systems (AQS) help you identify the quality of air that your home has maintained and got treated. If your home has high levels of carbon monoxide or any other harmful chemical pollutants such as dust or allergens; your air quality system can effectively recognize and warn you to lower the usage. Thus to get alert you with such warnings to maintain your home’s air quality. Get the best air quality systems installed under 24 Hour Plumbing Heating’s guidance.

Humidifier and dehumidifier repair and maintenance
A humidifier will make your home’s environment warmer. But, if it suddenly stops acting as usual and starts showing some signs of dysfunction, you need to call a plumber to get it repaired. If you come across any evident leaks or your humidifier is making weird noises, you need to start getting alert and call the best plumber. 24 Hour Plumbing and Heating will tend to such HVAC needs on your quick call. Don’t freeze in the winters if plumbers like 24 Hour Plumbing Heating are here for your rescue.

Gas line installations and repairs
Gas lines are of huge help for cooking purposes. You sure don’t want to starve to death or go broke on frequently ordering food from outside. Gas line installations make your life much more comfortable. Also, if you already have a gas line installed, be careful that they are properly fitted. Ill fittings can be hazardous, hence it is essential to have your gas lines fitted with utmost care. Cracked seals and corroded connectors or joints can also be very dangerous. If you notice any such corrosion, you should get it repaired as soon as possible. The best professionals to have your home secured from such dangers come from 24 Hour Plumbing Heating.

We have earned a reputation for reliability and the finest in customer service. We were voted #1 at the Top Choice Award Survey for the best plumbers in Calgary. And this is because we use the latest and smart technologies like video pipe inspection, trenchless technology, reverse osmosis system, etc. for seamless repair and maintenance services.
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We have earned a reputation for reliability and the finest in customer service. We were voted #1 at the Top Choice Award Survey for the best plumbers in Calgary. And this is because we use the latest and smart
technologies like video pipe inspection, trenchless technology, reverse osmosis system, etc. for seamless repair and maintenance services.
So now you know who you should reach out to whenever you have a plumbing need.