Household Plumbing Emergencies

29 Mar. 21

3 Common Household Plumbing Emergencies to Watch Out for

As a homeowner or residential tenant, you know you have plenty of responsibilities to adhere to, like washing the dishes, cleaning clothes, and watering the plants. But guess what, you can’t do any of these things properly without proper plumbing. And sadly, many plumbing emergencies are seen amongst households due to the poorly kept systems and lack of maintenance checks. To ensure you have some practical knowledge about this, take note of the following common plumbing emergencies among homes: 

– Busted Pipes and Leakage

When most households see a broken pipe, they often consider it a minor inconvenience then patch it up with some leftover sealant or duct tape, depending on what’s available. The problem with this approach is it can easily be the main source of major water damage since the buildup pressure from the pipelines can eventually burst, leading to catastrophic results.

As such, busted pipes should always be fixed right away and done properly. It could be an indication of bigger issues at play, like outdated plumbing in need of replacements. Therefore, call an emergency plumber right away and think about adjusting your water pressure to a lower setting for the time being. This way, the root cause can be addressed, the leak can be fixed, and the crisis can be properly averted. 

– A Damaged Faucet

Leaving a leaking faucet unattended can be a significant surprise factor when you receive your utility bill at the end of the month. Worse, it can suddenly burst, let water get everything around the room, and lead to accidents. That’s why you shouldn’t ignore this, especially when you see it either in your bathroom or kitchen sink. This mishap can even affect your household’s hygiene practices, putting them at risk of spreading viruses. 

Luckily, emergency plumbers know how to fix the faucet effectively, whether it be replacing the whole component or making a few adjustments to stop the leaking. They can even recommend you a number of modern faucet models with added features, like hot water and different water pressure settings. Best of all, there will be no more mishaps with your water bill, and you can even expect cost-efficiency compared to previous uses!

– A Malfunctioning Toilet

Broken toilets are among the more complex and most inconvenient plumbing issues because you and your family can expect a mess due to overflowing water and fecal matter. If you leave them as is, you may flood the whole bathroom, causing the foul odour to protrude through the house, which leads to general discomfort. You may even have to turn off the main water pipe to prevent further issues.

To deal with the situation effectively, you can call your local emergency plumbers and have them unclog the toilet. While it may be tempting to go at it with a plunger yourself, you shouldn’t since it may be unnecessary, and you can end up exposing yourself to dirty water and feces particles. Once the toilet is fixed, just ensure everyone at home adheres to proper toilet use, like knowing the proper settings and throwing tissue paper in the trash bin. 


Plumbing emergencies must be dealt with in any household setting unless you want to endanger yourself and your family. Worse, you can also damage your house in the process, like by having a flooded basement, bathroom, and more. With the common problems mentioned above in mind, hire the best emergency plumbers in your area to address the issues immediately and effectively. 

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