06 Nov. 20

4 Common Household Plumbing Myths Debunked_ What to Know

Maintaining home plumbing is increasingly becoming tedious for many homeowners because of the general misinformation, which translates into costly, big-time repairs. Fortunately for you, you can avoid these plumbing mishaps if you just keep reading. 

This article will provide you with four common plumbing myths. Take this as an opportunity to save your family from inconvenient plumbing problems and positively influence your friends and family by sharing this timely information.

Plumbing is often seen as a menial task, but it holds a lot more importance than you may be giving it. Here are four common household plumbing myths you need to stop believing in:

General Home Plumbing Is Easy to Fix. All You Need Is Someone in Your Household to Come Up with a Quick Solution

This myth, by far, is the most damaging home plumbing issues that need to stop. There are many houses with pipes that may have access to water, but they are highly vulnerable to leakage and bursting. There are also scenarios that can leave houses susceptible to a plumbing emergency, disastrous complications with the water supply that threaten to ruin your property and endanger your family. 

Let’s say you see a minor leakage in your kitchen. You have your partner “fix” it by applying some Teflon tape to the threads and covering the pipe with some super glue. Even if it temporarily fixes the leak, this can affect your whole plumbing system. 

You see, your pipelines are like a heart. If even one of the minor pathways is damaged, the whole system falls apart. You need to assess the entire system to ensure that there won’t be issues in the long run, meaning you need to have technical knowledge of plumbing, water flow, and other related experience. 

For your household’s safety and convenience, learn more about emergency plumber services through us at 24 Hour Plumbing & Heating. 

Faucets Gradually Leak Over Time Due to Repeated Use, So You Shouldn’t Worry

Yes, common home faucets do leak because frequent uses can loosen up the hardware, such as the main valve and the screws. However, you shouldn’t ignore it. Letting your faucets leak can raise your water bill costs and also cause your sink and pipes to get rusty. Leaking faucets also indicate that the water pressure may not be running smoothly. If you see faucet leaks, call your local plumber immediately. 

Flushable Items Don’t Clog Up the Sewage

The problem with flushable items is they may dissolve once exposed to water, but they don’t get through drainage easily. Remember—your house’s drainage has to get rid of a lot of daily waste, like fecal matter, grime from the sink, and oil. 

All these non-flushables and so-called flushable can clump together and form a dam-like blockage in your drainage, endangering your pipe systems. Call our emergency plumbers to check your drainage to inspect for sewer backups.  

Clogged Pipelines? Use Lemon Juice and Other Store-Bought Drain Cleaning Solutions. That Will Do the Trick

You may have heard this advice from your neighbour or a well-meaning family member, but pouring acidic liquids down your pipeline can ruin the quality of your drainage system. This harmful mixture of chemicals can also destroy your garbage disposal, affecting its efficiency in breaking down wastes. 

If you have a clogged kitchen sink, our expert plumbers recommend that you turn off your garbage disposal first, pour warm water into the sink with liquid dishwashing soap, and then scrub the grime gently with a long pipe cleaning brush. You can also call our drain cleaning experts for your convenience. 


You may think that your DIY fixes and common household plumbing issues are normal, but there may be pressing concerns that you are ignoring. You could unknowingly be exposing your family to great inconveniences and costly damages. Have your plumbing checked and repaired today!

24 Hour Plumbing & Heating is your professional team of emergency plumbers in Calgary equipped for any house plumbing emergency. We can provide you with the best plumbing solutions to keep your water flow and drainage highly efficient. Visit our website today!