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Your home won’t be the perfect place to stay comfortable if it is not equipped with the proper plumbing system. Plumbing issues are very hectic for any home, especially during the winters. The temperature gets low, and the need for a proper plumbing system is undeniable. Your plumbing system and its equipment can get damaged, which is inevitable. The quality equipment that you have installed for the plumbing does not matter because surely there will be a time when the material will deteriorate. Every material has a life span, so good quality equipment and appliances are reliable, but with time they will also get damaged. The plumbing system can pose you with various issues, even the one that you may not be not aware of.

Your house can face various plumbing and heating issues if you ignore them, even a small issue like clogging or water backup can cause huge issues later. You should give your plumbing system the required attention, so it doesn’t get wrecked. Some of the issues that you may face are clogging, backups, pipe freezing, flooding in the basement, rusted water heater, damaged furnace, and many others.

To solve such problems, 24 Hour Plumbing Heating is always a call away. You contact us at any time of the day; we are available 24/7 for plumbing and heating services. We have 20 years of experience in the industry, and we have skilled professionals for every kind of service. With a wide range of services, we are perfect for all your house’s plumbing and heating issues. No matter how small or huge the problem is, our professionals will find the root cause and fix it because they are aware of the consequences that you might face.

The wide range of services that we provide in Downtown Edmonton is:

Your furnace is prone to face various issues over time. A furnace is an essential appliance for your home during the winter. What if you woke up one day to witness your furnace is giving cold air in the house. This would be havoc on a chilled winter night. The furnace can also be malfunctioned, making it worse, as the malfunctioning can make the furnace fill your house with poisonous monoxide gas and you won’t even know. Sometimes the furnace can be fixed with troubleshooting, but it may not be enough to fix the issue. You would need to call professionals from our company. They will inspect your home regularly to make it work. The experts are qualified for services like installing gas lines or gas fittings, lubricating the motor, replacing a worn belt, and various other services.

Faucet is rarely a problem for any household. Often a faucet causes a problem, but when it does, it can be huge. If you wake up in the middle of the night to find your faucet dripping, then don’t ignore it, the problem can be quite big than what you imagine. A leaky faucet wastes water, the root cause of leakage can be loose nuts or either faulty washers. You won’t know the actual cause until you do not open the faucet. The experts from 24 Hour Plumbing Heating will do the needful. They will open the faucet and check what the actual problem is. The problem can be with the water pressure or with the pipes. Our professionals will be able to find the root cause. You can also change your faucets if you want to, we are not only skilled in repairing the faucets, but also installing new ones. Many brands are available with us, and you can replace your boring faucet with a fancy one to match your bathroom.

Water Heater
What happens if you are not able to get warm water? No one wants to imagine this nightmare happening to them. Your water heater also faces many issues, and you may have to face one of them. The water heater will have issues as it grows old. The water heater will provide you with lukewarm water or even sometimes cold water. The water heater gets rusty, or the iron rod in it can get rusty, and it would lead the water heater to work slower. The rust will make the water discoloured and smelly. You can call us to get our services for repairing the water heater. Sometimes the tank water heater also has a leakage problem. So, if you are planning to opt for a tankless water heater, we also provide the service for installing them. The choice is all yours, depending on what kind of services you want.

Water Softeners
Are you afraid to get your skin in touch with hard water, then why not install a water softener? It may sound weird, but installing a water softener is really helpful. The hard water does not rinse the soap easily from the dishes, and it also leaves the skin dry, and the skin will dry out even more. Installing a water softener will restrict all the minerals to get out of the faucet. The water softener removes all the excess minerals from the water and provides you with soft water. The soft water goes gentle on the skin and makes it easy for the soap to rinse from the dishes. Your skin won’t be left dry, unlike with the hard water. If you are planning to install a water softener, then call us. Many people have the silly belief that water softeners add chemicals into the water, don’t believe in such sayings. Get in touch with us we will help you to choose the best water softener for your plumbing system. We will also install the water softener for you at a reasonable rate.

How embarrassing would it be when a toilet fails on you or any of your guests. No one ever wants to face such an embarrassing moment, especially when guests are home. There are various problems with the toilet like the flush is not working, unclear clog, the tank is not holding the water, water backups, or even a broken tank. These problems are not a big issue, but if you are neglecting the toilet repairs, it can lead to bigger problems and prevent you from utilizing the toilet. You should repair the toilets if any problem is witnessed. You should also be aware of running toilets as they waste a lot of water and increase your water bill. Call us for regular maintenance of your toilet. You either want your toilet to be repaired, clogs to be cleared, broken porcelain repaired, or you just want to install a new toilet, we got it all covered. Old traditional toilets consume more water than compared to the latest kind of toilets that consume less water.

Gas Lines
Repairing or fitting new gas lines would be a task that might scare you, but need not worry. We have certified gasfitters to help you out with any gas repairs or fitting. The gas line is used for various tasks in a home, like in the kitchen, setting up a barbecue in the backyard, or for some other appliances. The professionals at 24 Hour Plumbing Heating are certified in installing and repairing the natural gas line. People are also making new installments like outdoor heaters in their decks to get warmth during the winter season. People also install a natural gas line for the barbecue. At 24 Hour Plumbing Heating, we are skilled in installing and repairing gas lines like:

● Barbecue gas line
● Appliance gas line and fittings
● Outdoor heater gas lines and fittings
● Hot water heater gas lines and fittings
● New construction gas line

We are certified to perform services for any kind of home gas line. We assure you there are no risks of explosion involved.

Sump Pumps
The work of any sump pump is to pump out the water from the pit and keep the basement of the building or house dry. It could be shocking if the sump pump is not working properly. If you are noticing that your basement is getting flooded regularly now, then it means that there is some problem with your sump pump. If the sump pump is out of order and not working efficiently, then you would surely have to buy a new one. Many house basements in Downtown Edmonton are flooded by the downpours. It is suggested to install sump pumps. The professionals at 24 Hour Plumbing Heating are experts in repairing or installing a new sump pump for your home. Choosing a sump pump depends on the kind of house you live in, and our experts will help you to choose the right sump pump.

Boilers in Floor Heating
The boiler is a vital part of the central heating system as it helps to provide heat to your home. If the boiler gets wrecked, then you will be welcomed to a home filled with cold air. Everyone wants to come back home to a warm atmosphere. Things can go wrong with your boiler too, and the heat may not pass through the boiler. You will have to check with the boiler for various repairs like broken thermocouple, low water pressure, the boiler is switching off frequently, the boiler may be leaking, or the radiator is not getting hot. We have experts with us for any boiler-related issue. You can ring a bell to us whenever you feel the need at any time of the day.

Backwater Valves
It is disgusting when water backups in your sewage. You will have to find the remedy for sewage water backups soon, neither your whole house will start stinking. We have the solution to your water backups problem. Installing a backwater valve is the perfect solution for any home to prevent backups. The purpose of the backwater valve, when installed on the water pipes, is to make the water flow in one direction and never let it flow in the opposite direction. It prevents the water from the main sewage line from backup in your basement. We frequently install backwater valves in various houses, so it will be quick and easy for us to resolve your problem.

Kitchen Repairs Edmonton
The kitchen is the space in your home that can also come up with many plumbing problems, like the toilet. How a kitchen will be without proper sanitization and a smooth working plumbing system. The kitchen is also heavily used, so there are chances of many plumbing issues. The sink can suffer from water backups, unclogged drains, leaking faucets, kitchen appliances repairs, problems with the garbage disposal, and many others. Without a working kitchen, it will be a lot difficult to perform daily chores. We at the 24 Hour Plumbing Heating are skilled to resolve all the possible problems in the kitchen by providing a fixture. Setting up a kitchen is one of our capabilities; you can call us anytime for any plumbing problem with the kitchen.

Why Choose Us?
● We have been in this business for more than 20 years.
● 24-hour services based on our motto, “We’re Always Here For You.”
● We have more than 80 plumbers under our belt.
● Our workers are highly trained, they are drug tested, and their background is verified.
● Our technicians don’t begin any work without the approval of the owner beforehand.
● Our employees have the confidence to provide you with quality work.
● We can deliver 5-star services to you.

So that tells you the amount of experience we hold in the industry. Our technicians will help you in all aspects. All around the year, you can rely on our services to provide you with the best solutions. We expect you to choose the right services for your plumbing in Downtown Edmonton.

24 Hour Plumbing Heating services know very well about the needs of various people living in Downtown Edmonton. We are focused on providing the best services for home plumbing, to as many people as possible. So we provide 24-hour services in and around these neighbourhoods in Downtown Edmonton:

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● Prince Rupert
● McKay Avenue
● Parkdale
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● Delton

Don’t compromise with the kind of services you are provided with. To get the best services for your house plumbing system to run smoothly, choose our services. Our services are available all day around. You just need to pick up the phone and make a call to our office. You will get all the satisfied and required services.


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