Replacing Showerheads

04 Feb. 20

5 Tips for Replacing Showerheads

Who does not like taking a good shower after a very long day? But when our showerhead becomes inoperational, we tend to get irritated. This is because now the fun that was related to taking a shower, the songs that we’d be singing to ourselves, the arguments we’d be winning while doing so would be missing. So whenever such a thing happens, usually people are quick to reach out to the local plumbers to solve the problem of having faulty showerheads connected to the water heaters. But did you know that you too can fix the showerheads all by yourself? If not, here are some tips that can come in handy the next time you wish to fix a showerhead.

1) Remove the Current Showerhead

When you are on to changing the dysfunctional showerhead, you first need to remove that showerhead in particular because it can lead to damaging your home’s plumbing. To remove the showerhead, you need to first unscrew it by your hands. If you are unable to do so, then try using a proper set of channel locks. When you fix the channel locks, you can quite easily remove the showerhead.

2) Clean Off the Threads

When you remove the showerhead, it is imperative that you clean the threads of the shower. This is because over time, the shower threading may have caught rust. So to avoid having your new showerhead becoming dysfunctional, you really need to clean it properly and cover the threads with a Teflon tape in a clockwise manner so as to cover the entire threading. 

3) Bring in the New Showerhead

Now that you are done with the removal of the old showerhead and cleaning and taping of the threads, it is now that you bring in the new showerhead. Now, fix the showerhead on the base of the pipe. Now that you have attached the showerhead, hold the end part of the showerhead with a cloth. Now while holding the head, turn it clockwise to fix the showerhead to its base.

4) Turn the Shower On

Now that you have fixed the showerhead to its original position, it is necessary that you check if it’s functional or not. To do so, start the shower. Now that you have started the shower, you will understand whether there are any leakages in your shower or not. 

5) Don’t Try Fixing If You Don’t Understand It

Often, people try to become enthusiastic and eventually make a mess out of the situation. So if you are unable to take fix your shower, it is always advisable that you get in touch with properly trained and professional plumbers in your area. 

Getting in touch with professional plumbers is always preferred as they are aware of what they need to do and can do the same task in much less time as compared to you.