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06 Jan. 20

4 Things That Can Damage Your Home’s Plumbing

How serious are you about maintaining your home’s plumbing system? Plumbing is one of the most vital parts of your home infrastructure. Even one pipe leakage can create great havoc and lead to substantial loss of your house assets. Some plumbing problems like frozen pipes are caused due to fairly chilly weather of Canada; however, some issues are consequences of your wrongdoings. Your one wrong move can lead you to dialling numbers of various plumbers in Toronto to get that one fix done. You might now think about the major things you do that are affecting your plumbing system severely. However, following you’ll find the minor things that you weren’t aware can damage your home’s plumbing.

1) Fixing your Home Plumbing Yourself

Many homeowners tend to think that they are fairly adept in their overall home management and want to test their expertise at each level. Plumbing is majorly a category where homeowners believe that they know major fixes for problems. They, therefore, resort to some noncredible applications that they find on the internet and are satisfied with mere temporary repairs. There are some of the best plumbers in Toronto who can provide you with quick fixes for small problems, so it’s best to call them and get your fix done.

2) Pouring Grease or Oil Down the Drain

Grease or oil has possible fatty substances that can clog your drain. When you pour the oil or grease down the drain, it solidifies, thus clogging the pipes. Some particles of the grease also tend to stick to the pipe walls, creating a buildup, which is enough to create havoc and backing up of water. People also tend to run the food grease or oil down the drain that, in turn, is stuck in the pipes and can ultimately damage the pipe if not treated.

3) Pushing Down Harsh Chemicals

There are many drain cleaners available in the market claiming to remove the clog from the pipes. However, these harsh chemicals can damage the pipes in the long run. Apart from these, the harsh chemicals in cosmetics are also fine enough to create significant clogging problems. Chemical products, as gentle as detergent, soaps, face wash, etc. can cause your pipes to clog. Some of the chemicals can’t be avoided, which is why it is essential to call a credible plumber who will provide you with trustworthy routine checks.

4) Disposing Trash in Plumbing System

In spite of many claims of disposing or flushing the toilet papers cause clogs, people continue to do so. Any solid items that go down the pipes are prone to damage your plumbing systems. Your plumbing systems are not designed to handle large amounts of trash. Doing so, you are being the main culprit of causing damage to your plumbing system. Things like bones, corns, egg shells, or any such substances are also prone to damaging your plumbing.

There are already many pre-existing problems that cause great havoc to your home’s plumbing. All you can do is prevent problems that are possibly the result of your habits. The best you can do is avoid these habits from now and always keep your plumbing systems in check by calling 24Hour Plumbing and Heating – one of the best plumbers in Toronto.