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Hamilton is known for its warm summers and freezing winters. But did you know that this extreme weather can harm your house? In case you don’t have a furnace at home, then there are high possibilities of your pipes freezing due to cold temperatures. This can cause damage to your property.
You must know that plumbing issues are very common in every household. It can occur with or without extreme weather. The most important thing to note is that the plumbing system is interconnected, so if you ignore one issue, it can trigger another and intensify the matter. In addition, the repair can cost you a fortune. The best solution for you is 24 Hour Plumbing - our well-trained plumbers are equipped with the best technology and deliver excellent service. Here are some of the many services we provide:



Install sump pumps

Hamilton has significant rainfall, and you must ensure that your sump pump is ready for such weather. Any issues in your sump pump can flood your basement and damage your walls, floors, and furniture. But how would you know that your sump pump is faulty? Here are some signs - no water in the sump pit, clogged pumps, faulty switches, and a broken valve. This will make your sump pump incapable of handling storms and heavy rains, and end up flooding your basement. In such a situation,  call 24 Hour Plumbing. We will analyze your requirements, and accordingly, install a sump pump. In addition, if your sump pump has a fault, we have our experts ready to fix it.  



Repair furnaces

Let us suppose that winters are around the corner and your furnace has some faulty parts that you are not aware of, and suddenly, during one of the coldest days, your furnace stops working - what would you do? Your house will be super cold, and the chances of you falling sick are high. The best solution for this problem is getting your furnace inspected before and during the winter. Some of the common issues in your furnace can be a faulty thermostat, clogged filters, a cracked heat exchanger, a damaged blower belt, strange noises, or worn-out equipment. This can affect the efficiency of your furnace and cause you inconvenience. To prevent the mess, call us immediately. We will inspect your furnace as well as repair the damaged parts. One thing to note, you must not try to fix the furnace yourself, as it can be hazardous. Our professionals take all the safety measures and intense training required for the job. Hence, they are eligible to repair furnaces.   



Inspect internal leaks

The worst kind of plumbing issue is an internal leak, as you can’t evidently spot them. Plus, any ignorance in this matter can worsen the case. The internal leak has the potential to destroy your walls, floors, wiring system, and the foundation of your house. Here is how you can identify internal leaks - exorbitant water bills, visible mold, awful smelling rooms, and/or filthy ceilings, floors, and walls. If an internal leak goes unrepaired, you will have to fix your property damage and internal pipes; and that can cost you a fortune. To prevent such financial loss, consider inspecting your plumbing system or if you observe any of the above-mentioned signs, call us immediately. Our top-quality technology won’t leave out any corners and give accurate updates on your plumbing conditions.  



Fix hot water tanks

Imagine bathing with cold water in Hamilton winters - it can be adventurous but extremely risky for your health. But what if your water tank is not supplying hot water? Here are some of the reasons this could happen - inappropriate tank size, a faulty thermostat, extreme weather, a defective gas valve or heater. It is essential to fix your hot water tank, as in extreme cases, it might burst. Also, ensure that you call a professional like us as fixing the hot water tank yourself without any safety measures can be dangerous. Our technicians are specifically trained for such situations. Therefore, they can easily identify the extreme conditions and know how to handle it.  



Inspect plumbing systems

When you buy a new house, the first thing you must consider inspecting is the plumbing system, because the house might look excellent but turns out that the pipes are old and the sewer system is faulty. In such cases, repairing them can be super expensive and will only compound your expenses. However, even if you are not buying a house, you must ensure that you inspect your plumbing system periodically, as some of the issues are not evident, and before it gets worse, you can fix them. Plumbing systems are connected, and one issue can lead to another, only making things difficult for you. For excellent plumbing inspection, you can call 24 Hour Plumbing. Our high-quality tools and equipment will investigate all the nooks and corners of your property and deliver satisfying service.    



Clean drainages

Slow drainage can be frustrating. In addition, rooms filled with awful smells and flies swarming around the contaminated water can be harmful to your health. If all your home remedies go down the drain, you can call us. 24 Hour Plumbing will ensure that you don't face any such inconveniences again. We will go to the root cause of the problem and inspect whether there is some major issue in the sewer or if it is just clogging; and accordingly fix it.
Plumbing affects your health and bank balance. Therefore, you must ensure that your plumbing system is healthy to keep your health and bank balance intact. To take care of your plumbing needs, we at 24 Hour Plumbing are always on our toes. Our experts are well-trained and will be at your door in one call as we prioritize your safety and convenience. So call us now for fast and quality service.  



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