14 Aug. 19

How to Prevent Bathroom Drains from Clogging

Imagine you are taking your morning shower, and suddenly you feel a small pool being created under your feet. You look at the drain hole, and there’s hardly any water passing. This is the most significant sign of a common bathroom plumbing problem – clogged drains. Your bathroom drain can be clogged due to several reasons like the collection of large and foreign items inside the drainpipe and soap scum accumulation. To prevent any water pooling or clogged drains, you must follow these tips from now itself.

Install a Trap or Cover

A drain trap or cover is a crucial installation that you must have in your bathroom. This small mesh-like cover is put over the drain opening to prevent the most severe bathroom plumbing problem. These covers trap hair and other big materials that may flow into the bathroom drain and eventually clog them. So, prevent foreign objects from falling down the drainpipe where they can cause any plumbing emergency. Bathroom drain covers are available in many styles, including domed models that fit around existing drain stoppers.

Flush Down Enzymes

An easy trick to keep your bathroom drains clear and avoid any chances of clogs is to pour drain cleaning enzymes down the drain. Soap scum eventually gets deposited in the pipes and results in narrowing the drain path. It is crucial to dissolve this scum and other clogging materials so that water doesn’t back up when you are in the middle of your shower. Buy an effective drain cleaner, mix it with warm water, and pour it into the drain every month. Some enzymes don’t require dilution. So make sure you read the instructions to use before pouring the cleaner.

Use a Hair Snake

No matter how hard you try, some human and pet hair will make their way to the drainpipes. And if you haven’t installed a drain cover, this issue is going to happen too often. But the easy way to prevent any major bathroom plumbing problem is by using a hair snake every week. Feed the hair snake through the drain, and move it side to side and up and down. The snake will pick up all the hair and gunk that’s inside the drainpipe. Pull everything out carefully and pour hot water to flush away any loose gunk inside the pipe. Doing this every week will keep clogs at bay.

See What You Drain

Even you need to be a little careful on your end when you use your bathroom. When you wash your hair or bathe your pet, try to collect hair before they make their way to the drain. Also, avoid throwing any big items in your bathroom that can clog the drain. Small soap pieces, wrappers, tiny toys, facial tissues, tampons, razor blades, etc. are considered to be foreign and should be kept out of the drain.

Apart from these DIY tips, you must call your home plumber every 1-2 months to scrutinize the bathroom pipes and perform any in-depth cleaning if required. The professionals know the best ways to prevent any bathroom plumbing problems and safeguard your home’s plumbing system.