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The plumbing system plays a crucial role in running your house. The first thing you need after waking up is clean toilets and running faucets. Furthermore, you need an unadulterated water supply to cook food and clean your house. Basically, you need a proper plumbing system to prevent any hindrance in your routine. Any negligence in the system, and your routine, property, and health will be at stake. The best way to ensure that your plumbing system is healthy is to conduct a periodic inspection by 24 Hour Plumbing - we are well-equipped with advanced tools, which helps us deliver flawless service. No matter where you are in Laval, you connect with us, and we will be there at your doorstep.



Installing sump pumps

Laval has a significant amount of rainfall throughout the year, and to balance the flow of water and keep your basement from flooding, you require the installation of a sump pump. The sump pump pumps out excess water and prevents the groundwater levels from rising to the level of your basement floor. Further, it drains the water in the nearby dry well, storm drain or detention pond. It is generally installed at the lowest level in your house. However, with time, your sump pump can face some issues, like it could be working but there could be no water in the sump pit, its parts could be clogged with dirt and debris, its discharge lines could be frozen, or its switch could have some issues. But no worries; be it installing the sump pump or repairing it, we are just a call away. You can rely on us because we have top-quality sump pumps and advanced tools that can fit or repair them efficiently.  



Providing heating services

You don’t want any of your heating appliances to stop working when winter is around the corner. Laval’s winters are freezing cold, and not having heating appliances working in such weather conditions means putting your property and health at risk. For example, if there is no boiler or furnace at home, then your pipes might freeze. However, these appliances require maintenance and periodic inspections. If you have a boiler, then some of the common issues you may observe are leakage, inability to warm the house or water, faulty radiators, defective pilot lights, noises coming from the boiler, and not turning on due to power issues. For furnaces, the issues can be in the burner, blower, gas valve and heat exchanger. No matter which heating appliances you have, if you face any issues with them, you can connect with us immediately. Do not try to fix these issues yourself as you might not have safety training like our professionals.    



Fixing frozen pipes

Laval’s winters are so cold that they can directly impact your plumbing system. If your pipes are exposed to these winters, they are likely to get frozen. The frozen pipes are super dangerous because if the pressure intensifies, they can even burst. So how do you identify if your pipes are frozen? You will experience the following - no water flow, strange smells, presence of frost on pipes (can be seen if the pipes are installed in the open), and excess flow of water in your house. If this occurs, then the foundation of your house will get damaged. Furthermore, if the pipes burst, then all your expensive furniture, walls, floors, ceiling, and basically your entire property will be damaged. The best solution is to call 24 Hour Plumbing. We have top-notch equipment to fix your frozen pipes and prevent intense damage. Also, we recommend that you inspect your pipes before winter comes to avoid frozen pipes in the first place.    




If your pipes have burst or they are old, then you need to change them immediately. To begin with, burst pipes damage your entire property and plumbing system and end up forming mold and cracks on walls. On the other hand, the old pipes system is the most dangerous because these pipes are prone to corrosion. This corrosion forms sediments and dirt, which mixes in the water you consume. After consuming such water, you face fatal diseases like insomnia, fatigue, reproductive problems, abdominal pain, nausea, headaches, jaundice, and a reduction in cognitive abilities. Getting your medical treatment in Laval can be super expensive. In addition, your education, job and daily routine will come to halt. Furthermore, there will be extreme pressure on your bank balance. To avoid this, approach us. We provide repiping at the most affordable prices. 24 Hour Plumbing’s high-quality pipes are efficient, durable and supply top-quality water.    



Remodeling bathrooms

Imagine having a lavishly renovated house, but as you enter the bathroom, the ceiling's paint is peeling off, lights are dull, and it looks too crumpled. You don’t want that.To elevate the appearance of your bathroom, connect with 24 Hour Plumbing. We have a systematic procedure that includes examining the position of the plumbing system, measuring the size of the bathroom, checking out the faucets, showers, and lighting placement. After this, we provide you with designs that will suit your bathroom. Once you finalise, we begin our work. Also, the faucets, showers, bathtubs, lighting, flooring, paints, tiles, and other appliances that we install are of top-notch quality. They ensure durability, efficiency, and save energy. Customer satisfaction is our aim.

A healthy plumbing system not only keeps you healthy but also adds value to your house. 24 Hour Plumbing is known for its quality service. We ensure that once you call us to fix any issues, you don’t face the same problems in the future. We provide our services at the most reasonable prices in Laval. Now you have an all-in-one plumbing service near your house, so connect with us at any hour or day of the week and we shall be there to fix your problems. 


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