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Plumbing is the foundation of any house, and any issues in that system can make your daily routine chaotic. Be it clogging, slow drainage, leakage, or flooding in your basement, all these issues have the potential to cause massive damage. Imagine you plan to explore the North York cities on Sunday, and you wake up to see the bathroom flooded with water - it will add water drainage to your weekend plans. Not only that, repairing the flood can cost you a fortune. In addition, it can ruin your bathroom appliances and cause massive damage to walls. These are some of the many issues. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of your plumbing system. In such cases, 24 Hour Plumbing is the best option in North York - they will closely inspect and deliver quality service. We have mentioned some out of many services provided by us.  



Air conditioning services (HVAC)

Walking into an air conditioned room after spending hours outside in unbearable heat feels like entering a paradise. But what will you do if your air conditioner is not working properly or it's not cooling your room enough? You would be frustrated and enraged. The common issues your air conditioner can have are - fail to turn on, not blow cold air, leaks, noises, failure in electronic control, and sensor issues. If you choose to ignore some of these issues, thinking it is not a big deal, then it may worsen the case. Because these small issues, when undetected, cause further damage to the internal system. Once your internal and electrical components are damaged then you will have to pay enormous bills. So if you come across minor inconveniences in your AC, contact 24 Hour Plumbing - they won’t let the case worsen and deliver quality service.     



Provide furnace repair

Reading a book in a warm room with a cup of coffee is all you need during North York winters. North York has freezing cold winters, and installing a furnace in such a city is a must. However, your furnace can give you a hard time. Some of the basic issues occurring in every furnace are - non-working thermostat, clogged filters, flickering light or coloured pilot light, cracks in the heat exchanger, faults in the blower belt, and not blowing enough air. However, if you see any of these issues in your furnace, kindly do not fix it yourself as it can be hazardous. Instead, call 24 Hour Plumbing - our expert technicians have advanced tools and safety training, which you might lack and expose yourself to fatal accidents. Our experts will closely inspect and clean every part, in case of clogging, and repair your furnace, ensuring a warm and cosy environment during winters.   



Solve drainage issues

Let’s suppose that you have an important presentation to give on Monday, and before you get to the office, you have to complete your household chores. Unfortunately, the water has not drained from last night. All sinks, toilets, and bathtubs are having the same issue of slow drainage - what would you do in such a situation? Slow drainage slows down your work too. In addition, it will leave behind an awful odor, giving you a headache and worsening your breathing issues. Drainage is generally caused due to flushing down hard objects, food, and soap that might end up clogging the pipes. The mere sight of it is disgusting and unhealthy. So if you face slow drainage, connect with 24 Hour Plumbing - they will remove the dirt and other objects that have been blocking and causing slow drainage. They will be ready to fix the drainage issue at any point in time, prioritizing your convenience and safety.   



Check the mainline problems

The mainline is the foundation of any plumbing system; even a minor inconvenience in that system can significantly affect your entire plumbing. The fault in the sewer mainline has the potential to damage the foundation of your house by causing cracks, mold and algae on your walls. In addition, you will have frequent clogs in your sinks and toilets, water drainage will be unbearably slow, and there will be constant odor from water, sinks and toilets. This can trigger many health issues like ENT infections, diarrhoea, vomiting, hepatitis, and others. Furthermore, it can dull the look of your house and cause damage to your furniture, bathroom appliances, etc. Repairing health, house, and sewer lines can cost you a fortune. Therefore, check your mainline with 24 Hour Plumbing - we have advanced technology that will cover every nook and corner of your mainline and update you about its condition. In case of any fault, our experts will fix it on the spot, preventing further major issues.  



Fix all leakages

Leakages are common, but if it goes undetected, it can cause massive damage financially and health-wise. The leaks in your faucets and showers are identified and can be fixed immediately. But what causes the problem is the internal leakage in the pipes. Internal leakages are caused due to broken seals, corrosion (in case the pipes are old and rusted, making them weak), faulty pipe joints, high water pressure, and tree roots entering the pipes. This can damage the pipeline, and in such cases, chances of dirt and residue contaminating the water and causing health issues are at their peak. To avoid such a mess, call 24 Hour Plumbing immediately. We are well-equipped with the latest technology that will help detect internal leakage and fix it on the spot, preventing it from worsening. You can call us at any time, and we will be there at your doorstep no matter where you are in North York.   

Apart from stocks and mutual funds, it is also wise to invest your money in plumbing repair. You can conduct periodic inspections to prevent any major issues and money losses. Also, plumbing issues can affect your health and cause allergies and sickness. Call us, and we will take care of the rest. Our 24 Hour Plumbing team is experienced and well-equipped with advanced tools and training, and they will ensure that you don't face even a minor inconvenience after our service.  


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