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Plumbing issues are the most common in houses, and everyone wants to get rid of them. Various issues are detected in a house in the areas like the plumbing system and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. People face plumbing issues and always end up calling the plumber multiple times. If you are new in Ottawa or you are not getting a satisfactory plumbing service, then you can rely on 24 Hour Plumbing & Heating services.

Plumbing issues can never be eradicated, and no matter how strong the material is, the plumbing equipment would deteriorate someday. But the least you can get is a long relief from all the plumbing issues, and we understand it. That’s why we provide our customers with seamless and satisfactory services. If you are facing any plumbing issues, then we are just a call away for your aid. We provide the best solutions for every plumbing problem. Whether it is a small leakage issue or a huge device failure, we will always be there to fix the problem. The issues with the plumbing can happen at any time, so we provide 24 hours services in Ottawa Downtown and everywhere else. Our experts also provide inspection and maintenance services for every plumbing house. To get the best services for your plumbing and heating problems in any neighbourhood of Ottawa Downtown, call us today.

24 Hour Plumbing & Heating has always worked towards making their services available for every household in every neighbourhood. The need for plumbing and heating service in every home vary. So we are providing numerous services to the people of Ottawa Downtown in its various neighbourhoods like:

● Downtown Rideau
● ByWard Market
● Centretown
● Lower Town
● Sandy Hill
● Old Ottawa South
● The Glebe
● Westboro
● Hintonburg
● Downtown Hull

In every part of Ottawa, we are easy to reach for any plumbing and heating services. Our professionals provide satisfactory services, which will keep your plumbing system healed for a long time.


Installation and Repair of Plumbing and Pipelines
The plumbing system is the most important aspect as it is the only thing that helps the water to reach different outlets in your home from the source. If there is an issue with the plumbing system, then it is eventually problematic for your appliances, faucets, and other water outlets. It can also lead to a complete water failure in the house. Many issues occur in a home, smaller and bigger ones like leakage in the pipes or in the pipe joints, corrosion build-up in pipes, clogged pipes due to the build-up of debris, dirt, or mineral build-up. These issues can happen with any kind of plumbing system as every material faces wear and tear over time, which eventually leads to its deterioration. The issues can arise due to the flow of hard water, which contains mineral debris. The plumbing system can also become a victim of any accidental issue due to harsh weather.

If you notice any issue in the plumbing system, either big or small, make a call to us and get the damage fixed as soon as possible. The small leakage can get huge over time and can cause significant damage to the whole plumbing system in the house. The professionals at 24 Hour Plumbing & Heating are skilled in repairing any problem in the pipelines, and also in the installation and replacement of pipelines.


Installation and Repair of Bathroom Fixtures
Isn’t your bathroom fixtures are used most of the time, and still those fixtures don’t get the required attention. Usually, the bathroom fixtures are ignored by many, and then it creates a huge problem that becomes difficult for people to tackle. There are several fixtures in your bathroom that face problems like:

● Faucet
● Showerhead
● Bathtub
● Sink
● Toilet

Faucets are the most used fixture of a bathroom, as it is used for washing hands several times a day. The faucet can start leaking due to clogs or the breakdown of some parts because of wear and tear. It can also face problems like strange noises and low water pressure. You should respond and fix them quickly because it increases the amount in your bill as gallons of water goes to waste. The showerheads can face problems too because sometimes the mineral debris from the water gets stuck in the holes of the showerhead and clog it. The showerhead can be cleansed, or it can be replaced with a new one. The bathtub can face issues due to the years of wear and tear, and you would need to replace it. The toilet also deals with problems like clogged drains, water back-ups, running water, and damaged flush, which is a real headache in your day-to-day life. Call 24 Hour Plumbing & Heating to get all the bathroom fixtures repaired or replaced. The toilet and bathroom can face damage at any time of the day. We understand that, and hence, we are available 24/7/365 at your service.


Installation and Maintenance of Water Heaters
Water heaters are an integral part of any household in Canada, and in the capital city of Ottawa, the temperature gets really low. In such harsh weather conditions, no one wants the water heater to broke down and face any urgent repairs. Even though, if you face any issues and need an urgent repair, our services are always available for you. You can call us even in the middle of the night.

When the water heater is damaged it will show signs like water leakage, takes time to heat water, clogged pipes, strange noises from the tank, rusty or brown coloured water. Problems in a water heater are caused by several reasons, like a build-up of minerals on the tank surface, or the anode rod may have rusted.
If you spot any of these signs, then call us immediately. Our experts will fix it and would also inspect for any other issue. Yes, we also have the service for inspection and maintenance of the water heater. Our experts suggest that you should conduct routine maintenance of the water heater at least once every year. The experts will check the water heater and would suggest if it needs any repair, or the tank has to be replaced.


Repair and Maintenance of Sewer Line and Drain
All the waste and used water get collected in the plumbing system, which is later thrown out through the sewer line and drain pipes. So you can wonder about the kind of trouble you will have to face if it is damaged. Some issues can arise in the drain and sewer lines, and the most common are clogged lines, water back-ups, stinking drains, or leakages. So it is indeed necessary for the sewer and drains lines to stay functional. Several reasons lead to the occurrence of problems in drain and sewer lines.

To catch out if there is any problem with your drain and sewer line you must look for some signs like water is draining slowly, water getting stuck before going into the drain, pool of water in the basement or lawn, or strong odours from the drain. Mould around the drain or sewer line is also a common sign of damage. The sewer lines would be facing clog that leads to water back-up.

Our experts are well-trained in handling any kind of issue with the drain and sewer lines. Give us a call immediately if you find any of these signs in your home. The technicians at 24 Hour Plumbing & Heating will clean the whole drain and sewer lines, and they will save the drainage system from facing any severe damage.


Repair and Maintenance of Kitchen Plumbing System
Like the bathroom, a kitchen is also one of the most used areas of a house. Any problem with the kitchen plumbing system can be an interruption in your day-to-day life. The faucet, sink, dishwasher, or garbage disposal can cause trouble, and we are here to fix that for you. The kitchen is used daily to prepare the food, and a lot of food chunks and food waste is left over. The food chunks and waste are thrown into the kitchen sink carelessly. Later, the food sticks on the surface of pipes and garbage disposal and cause other particles to stick too, which slowly builds up and lead to clogging in the plumbing system. The food waste can cause damage to both the garbage disposal and the drain pipes.

Your kitchen plumbing system may also be suffering from leakage in valves, pipes, or fixtures. The faucet can get damaged and cause leakage. Low water pressure can also disrupt your work in the kitchen. Our technicians will fix any kind of plumbing problem in the kitchen, and they will ensure you have a clean and unclogged plumbing system.


Repairing Heating and Air Conditioning System
As our name says 24 Hour Plumbing & Heating services, we also provide every kind of possible service for a house’s HVAC system. The HVAC system is used around the year in your house. During the summers, the air conditioner is used to save you from the heat, and during the winter it is used to get the warmth in chilling breezes. You want the air conditioner and the furnace to work properly for your comfort around the year. But due to so much usage, the HVAC system is prone to get damaged.

The air conditioning system can face a problem if the compressor fails and would give out less cold air, strange noises, or bad odour. This could be a real problem during the sweaty summer. If you pick out any such signs in your air conditioner, then give us a quick call. These small issues can lead to complete failure of the air conditioner if you don’t give the required attention. The mould can also start building in your air conditioner and lead to the replacement of the whole air conditioner unit.

The furnace can start giving cold air during a chilling winter night and create havoc for you. You can get a sign when you detect the different temperatures in different areas of your house, which means your furnace is failing. A malfunctioned furnace can also release poisonous monoxide gas in your house, which can cause damage to your health. So you should get your HVAC system inspected and maintained frequently. Give us a call, and our technicians will do the needful for your HVAC system. They will tell you what needs to be done and would follow as you say.


Emergency Plumbing Services
We suggest you get your plumbing and heating system inspected before any problem occurs. But sometimes the problems are unpredictable and cause suddenly for which you need to get an emergency repair. We know how difficult it is to get help at an unusual hour, so we provide 24-hour emergency services for our customers. Our technicians are well-trained for every kind of plumbing emergency. Either it is a problem with your HVAC system, water heater, drain and sewer lines, burst pipes, clogged drains, or water leakage. You just need to make a call, and we will reach to attend to the problem. We have expertise in the plumbing and heating industry for over 25 years. We are stating below the kind of emergency services that we provide to our customers:

● Flooded basement
● Repiping
● Frozen pipes
● Water heaters
● Tankless water heaters
● Bathroom remodelling
● Leak detection
● Shower repair
● Boiler repair
● And any other plumbing and heating issue


Why Choose Us?
● Experience of more than 20 years.
● Scheduled appointment times, but can also be called during an emergency.
● Parts and workmanship guaranteed.
● Same charges always, whether it is weekends or holidays.
● Licensed experts.
● Complete home maintenance, repairs, and replacement services.
● Technicians are highly trained, drug tested, and background checked.
● Guaranteed, you will have an exceptional experience.
● Transparent pricing, no surprises.

Our plumbers will reach you on time for your services. They will give you quality and insured work at an affordable price. We are available 24/7, even on weekends and holidays, and the plumbers will arrive on your doorstep on time with just one call from you.

We don’t charge any extra fees for 24-hour plumbing services. The charges are the same. You can check out our website and go through it. You will definitely get to know, that how many years of experience our professionals hold. With so many employees under our belt, we can assure you will get satisfactory and best results. You won’t have the need to call for plumbing services again for the same issue for a long time. Either it is a leaky faucet, clogged drains, sewer back-ups, or any other plumbing issue, our experts will always attend the duty and will give you 100% satisfactory services.


We’re open 24/7/365 because plumbing emergencies don’t wait.