Water Pipes Become Noisy

04 May. 21

Typical Reasons That Make Water Pipes Become Noisy

It is completely normal to expect your home plumbing to always be in good working condition—particularly when it comes to having both cold or hot water no matter where you are in the home. After all, there are endless necessities for water in almost all sectors, be it for cooking meals in the kitchen, managing loads of laundry in your washing machine, resting in a bath that’s warm or downright hot, and even flushing the toilet, just to name a few. This means that having a stable supply of water and having it delivered to the appropriate water outlet necessary is crucial to everyday living.

Unfortunately, as with most things, there may be certain issues that come up with your pipes over time. In fact, the chances are that you will have at least one plumbing emergency in your lifetime. One of the more common issues that end up happening with pipes is when they make a lot of noise.

What Is the Big Deal with Noisy Pipes?

When piping starts to make rather loud noises, you really should not ignore or overlook it. That’s usually a sign of major plumbing concerns! It’s either a singular problem—or worse, a cluster of plumbing problems that have compounded without your knowledge. You are essentially sitting on a plumbing emergency that can end up with busted pipes in your home! The issues likely involve drainage—and there’s most likely some kind of clogging going on somewhere.

What Makes Water Pipes End Up Noisy in the First Place?

Homeowners will generally hear what they describe as banging noises first. All that loud banging is definitely something to worry about. When you hear that from your home’s pipes, the chances are that the water pressure is too high!

This phenomenon is known as the “water hammer” to professionals in the plumbing industry. These happen when the force of the water that’s rushing out of a faucet is suddenly halted—thus causing the banging sound when it hits a stop.

This is a sure sign of water flow concerns going on in your home. These are generally best resolved through a pressure regulator or pressure reducer, which already comes installed in a lot of present-day homes.

Calling in a plumber that has professional expertise is crucial because they will manage to find the source. Commonly, what will end up happening is that the plumber finds the right pipe position to be able to place a water hammer arrestor on. These come with a shock absorber that is spring-loaded. What happens as a result is that when a faucet is turned off, the water’s hammer becomes redirected!

Oxygen being trapped in the air chamber can also lead to loud pipes. Plumbers will also solve the issue of hammering noises by draining the system. They will turn the main shut-off valve off first, then open up one faucet to drain out the water within your home’s plumbing system.


Noisy pipes that make sounds that largely resemble a loud banging require immediate attention. It’s usually a sign of at least one major issue with the overall plumbing of a home. That’s usually from water pressure issues and/or trapped air in the pipes—both of which could be problematic for your home in the long run.

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