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When a home’s plumbing system fails or starts to give out symptoms breakdown, they shouldn’t be ignored. Remember, when you try to sweep all your problems under the carpet, the accumulation will cause several problems in your daily life. The signs of plumbing failure are the problems that you may ignore today, but they may pose various consequences one fine day. Call an experienced team of plumbers whenever you face any plumbing havoc in San Jose.

The plumbing system is spread across your house. So even when one part of the plumbing system is affected, you may also find issues in other parts of the home. A pipe that runs through the walls of the house, or from the roof of the house, can affect the surface with mould if it is leaking. When your pipes are facing a problem like sewage backups, then your whole home will start stinking. When your furnace is damaged, it will provide cold air that will imbalance the temperature in your house. No one wants to live in a place that stinks, is filled with mould, and has an uneven temperature. So call our plumbing and heating services today to inspect your home, and identify any issues before they become too huge to handle.

To provide solutions to your plumbing and heating problems we have a variety of services available:


Complete Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing Services
All of your food is prepared in the kitchen. When you are working in your kitchen, you want things to go smoothly because that way, you can work faster. The worst is faced when your kitchen plumbing is not up to the mark, and you have to face several issues. The issue of plumbing can be with the faucet, sink, dishwasher, or garbage disposal. The main reason behind these problems is mainly the big chunk of food waste that is thrown into the sinks. The food waste clogs the drain and also damages the garbage disposal. You want these things to work right, so call our plumbing services whenever you need them. Our technicians are experts in any kind of kitchen plumbing services like:

● Repairing leakages in valves, pipes, or fixtures.
● Repairing faucets that are damaged, leaking, or broken.
● Repairing or replacing garbage disposals.
● Cleaning pipes and removing clogs to make the water drain properly.
● Installing or fixing plumbing appliances.


The bathroom is the spot in your house that is most likely to face plumbing issues because it has multiple drains, faucets, and toilets. You want your bathroom to stay as hygienic as possible. You don’t want the place where you clean up yourself to be unhygienic. Various problems are there in a bathroom like a broken water heater, damaged faucets, clogged drains, toilet water backups, running toilets, or a flush that is not working. With so many problems posing a danger to the bathroom, you will have to keep up with the maintenance so you can avoid the issues. Our technicians are also experts in keeping up with all the bathroom issues. They will check the plumbing system of the whole bathroom, identify the issues, and will also resolve them. Our technicians will help you resolve various bathroom plumbing issues like:

● Repairing and fixing faucets.
● Repairing and installing water heaters.
● Fixing toilets and installing new toilets.
● Cleaning the drainage system.
● Fixing frozen plumbing pipes.


Leak Detection and Repair
Leakages in a home tend to damage your house. Yes, it is just a small leakage, but its consequences are huge. The surfaces of your home as in, the walls, floors, and ceiling are at risk. The water pipes flow through these surfaces, and when they leak, the water dripping out makes the surface wet, and due to the moisture mould starts building up. Mould makes the atmosphere of a house worse, resulting in health issues. Here our professionals will come to your aid. They will find the water leakage in your pipes and fix it. As the water pipes run through your home surface, it will be difficult for you to locate the leakage. Leakage also leads to water wastage and increasing your water bills. So the best option left with you is to call our professionals and get the maintenance done for your plumbing system, and if they found any leakage, it will be fixed too.

Water Heater Installation, Repair, and Maintenance
Most of the houses have a water heater installed in their homes. The temperature in San Jose during winter goes down and makes the atmosphere at home chilling. At such cold times, everyone is in need of water heaters so they can complete their daily routine with warm water. But the nightmare begins when the water heater gets wreck. The water heater has a lifespan so it can get damaged because of wear and tear. The rust can build up in the water tank as the iron rod in it gets corroded over time. The corrosion can also lead the water heater to leak, the water also gets discoloured, and rust particles are added up. All of the problems with the water heater can be avoided if you call 24 Hour Plumbing & Heating to get the services. You can call us anytime in 24-hours, whenever you identify a problem with the water heater call us.

Tankless and tank water heaters are the two types available in the market to buy. You can call our services if you don’t know which type of water heater will suit you best for your usage. Our technicians will help you to choose the right water heater for your house. The water heater does not need to be too huge for your daily use as it will increase your bills, and not even too small, so it does not satisfy your needs.

A tank water heater has a lifespan of 15 years, whereas a tankless water heater lasts for 20 years. The lifespan of the water heater also depends on how you maintain it. We suggest that you should get your water heater’s service done once every year. Our professionals are skilled in doing the service of water heaters. With the servicing, they will also be able to identify any issues with the water heater and provide you with the perfect solutions for the problem.


Drain Cleaning and Maintenance
Drainage pipes in the house need to be maintained as they are narrow in size, so they are prone to get clogged. A clogged drain makes the dirty water build-up, and it will spread the foul smell in your whole house. The clogged drain may result in leakage in the pipe that can warp the surface and would make the perfect place for the mould and mildew to grow. The drains are clogged because the objects like hairs, soaps, food waste, or even the wrong type of paper can cause the drains to clog. You need our services to get the drains cleaned, as the technicians have the right tools to complete the work. Technicians at 24 Hour Plumbing & Heating hold the experience, so they know how to open the pipes and fix the drain.

You should frequently get your drainage maintenance done because it will prevent the drain from any kind of clogs. You will also be relaxed as there won’t be any big drainage issue that you would need to fix. Call our plumbers any time of the day according to your convenience to get the maintenance of your drainage done.


Water pipes are not invincible, even the ones with high quality. There will come a day when you would need to repipe your house. The pipes will have issues as they grow old. Even the strongest of material will break one day. some signs would indicate that your house needs repiping like leakage or clogs are occurring often, mould is growing on the sewer pipes, the water is rusty, or tastes weird or the water pressure is low consistently. The home will need a repiping if your pipes are damaged so severely. The professionals at 24 Hour Plumbing & Heating are well trained for all the pipe installations. So you need not worry about any kind of misconduct while installing the pipes. Our professionals have all the required skills.

Septic Tank Repair and Maintenance
Septic tanks are useful to get rid of the waste from a house. Separating the solid waste from the water makes way for the wastewater to flow out. Sometimes the waste at the bottom of the tank comes up, and it can block the drain field and drainage pipe. The septic can also get malfunctioned if it is used too much. Even when too much water rapidly flows in the tank, it can shift the solid waste towards the drainage pipes and distribution box. You, as the homeowner, won’t know how delicate your septic tank is. You need our assistance to maintain your septic tank. The professionals at 24 Hour Plumbing & Heating holds a good knowledge of septic tanks. They will help you to keep up with the septic tank. If the septic tank malfunctions, the water can mix up with the groundwater sources, polluting the water. So it is important to maintain your septic tank.

Trenchless Sewer Repair and Maintenance
Trenchless sewer pipelines are innovative, and they are a lot easier to maintain. There is no wear and tear in repairing or maintaining the trenchless sewer line. The system used in the trenchless sewer line is a lot different than the one used for traditional sewers. There can be issues with the trenchless sewer line too. They can also get clogged and need to be cleaned. But the trenchless sewer water line has a different mechanism, so you would need the assistance of our professionals to clean the clogs and maintain the trenchless sewer line. Our technicians are well-known for the mechanism of trenchless sewer lines, so you no need to worry about the maintenance.

Complete Emergency Plumbing Services
24 Hour Plumbing & Heating services are available with all kinds of services that a house would need for their plumbing system. You can completely rely on our services for every plumbing work in your house. The technicians under our belt are highly trained to provide you with excellent service, making your sewer, pipes, fixtures, and other appliances work efficiently for years to come. We know how delicate a house’s plumbing system is, and how much need the plumbing system as we work on our motto, which is, “We Are Always Here For You.”

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