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Plumbing and Heating are the most vital aspects of any home around the world. And, tending to your home’s plumbing and heating needs should never be overlooked. Especially in a place like St Albert, which has fluctuating weather conditions, your pipes and heating appliances may face a major blow. So, if you’ve recently moved to a new home, it is important to ensure that your home plumbing has been efficiently set up, without any errors. Whereas, if you have been residing in one place for almost more than half a decade or so, it increases the possibility of damaged plumbing and much more.

So how do you resolve this problem? By taking care of the damage all by yourself after referring to some internet hacks? If so, you need to change that habit of yours immediately.

You should appoint a professional plumbing and heating company for your plumbing problems like faucet leaks, corroding pipes, clogged drains, and heating problems like furnace issues, air conditioning issues, etc. If your existing plumbing and heating company is inefficient in solving the most minor to the most major plumbing issues, 24 Hour Plumbing & Heating is your quick solution. 24 Hour Plumbing & Heating houses some of the best professionals to tend to your plumbing and heating needs. With their commendable expertise and experience.

Do you wish to know more about why we are a better solution compared to any of your existing plumbing companies? Find your answers below!


Why Choose Us?
● We offer a 24/7 emergency service for any plumbing or heating emergencies.
● Our professionals will be at your service on the very same day you report a problem.
● Our plumbers and technicians hold the highest certification level in the province of Alberta.
● Our professionals maintain hygiene while working because they treat your home as their own.
● We offer you the best quotes regarding your plumbing emergency.
● 24 Hour Plumbing & Heating has been trusted for over 20 years now.
● We offer a variety of services from the most minor leaks to the most major heating.
● We stay up-to-date with the current industry standards, laws, and codes.

24 Hour Plumbing & Heating has been trusted for several years and our professionals have been justifying the same through their commendable work. Our plumbing and heating services are diversified for both – commercial and residential customers.

The services we provide include but are not limited to:


Do you think that the minor leaks are worth ignoring? And when was the last time you got your faucets, your pipes, your toilet plumbing checked? We might seem a bit nosy when we ask you all these questions, but we are aware of the havoc that the tiniest of leaks can create. A minor faucet leak might seem like nothing to you but is capable of sky-rocketing your water bills. Or worse, leaving you with no water at all! People usually consider plumbing as a very tiny aspect of overall house management. This is why they end up ignoring the leakages, which eventually results in the accumulation of that stinky water in the corner of the bathroom or under the sink. Also, if you have just recently moved to a new place, how do you know that your plumbing system is the pink of health? You can know by getting it inspected by professionals like 24 Hour Heating Plumbing!

So overall, it is very important to look after your plumbing needs without any further ado. And, to get your plumbing problems detected and treated as soon as possible, you should appoint professionals who can offer you a promising plumbing service.

● Domestic Water Systems
You might be well aware of the source from where you get the water supplied to your home – it is the domestic water system. But there are instances when these water systems are unable to get the water supplied to your homes. Now, if you feel that the water is being restricted due to faulty water systems, then you are partially wrong. Most of the time it is the issues in your plumbing system that are restricting the water supply to your homes. It might happen because of the possible clogs due to calcium buildups or the rusting in pipes. Whatever the reason might be, whenever your plumbing system starts to act funny, you should get 24 Hour Plumbing & Heating on board. Our professionals will immediately report at your doorstep to assist you with the best possible solution.

● Steam and Hot Water Systems
Steam and hot water systems like the water heaters are not immortal and require frequent maintenance in a few months or so. But, how do you identify if they are dysfunctional? The water produced from the water heater will most likely be not as hot as its original efficiency. Or the system might not have the water force that it used to be like. This could again happen due to the accumulation of calcium deposits in the water system which is slowing down the force of water. This is when you should be calling our professional and expert plumbers from 24 Plumbing and Heating to get the plumbing issue identified.

● Water Softeners
Water softeners are one of the major plumbing things that are highly ignored by people at home. Since it carries out this tedious process of softening the water by separating the harsh deposits in the water, the system is prone to damage. Water softeners can get clogged due to the separation of the harsh water. Or there are times when you need to subside the salt bridges that are coming in the way of the water. In order to get your water softener to produce good quality water without any errors, 24 Plumbing & Heating can help you on that part.

● Renovations
24 Hour Plumbing & Heating is a team of expert plumbing professionals which means that you can rely on them even when you are planning to give your home an absolute makeover. For any plumbing makeover, our professionals can arrive at your place and inspect your place to identify the right fitting of the new plumbing fixtures. Once they have figured it all out, they will then suggest the right fittings that will also complement your home. So if you are planning any such plumbing makeovers as well, 24 Hour Plumbing & Heating is the right destination for you.

● Gas Fitting
24 Hour Plumbing & Heating has specialty plumbers who are not just highly efficient but also certified to work with gas lines. Your gas lines can sometimes have a buildup of contaminants in your gas pipes. It is essential to get rid of those contaminants that are hindering the access points of the gas line. This is a great inconvenience to homeowners because of the lack of gas supply through the lines. If you are facing any such inconveniences with your has lines, our specialty plumbers will be there at your doorstep upon a quick call.

● Faucet Leaks
The most minor of all the problems regarding plumbing issues yet one of the most dreadful ones. Although people normally choose to ignore the faucet leaks, they can actually take a toll on your water bills. Not just this, such incessant water leaks can further increase in the near future, affecting your other fixtures possibly. Do not try to fix these faucet leaks by yourself since your lack of expertise can turn the tables and your experiment might reverse. This can lead to major water waste. Hence, in order to tend to your faucet leaks – minor or major, always appoint 24 Hour Plumbing & Heating. Our professionals are available 24/7 and will march to your home in case of any emergency.

● Preventive Maintenance Inspection
Do you think that no visible plumbing leaks mean you are safe from all the unforeseen plumbing tragedies that can occur any time in the future? The answer is no. As a result, you should always be ready for a preventive maintenance inspection. Even though there might be nothing wrong with any of your plumbing fixtures, it is still advised to call exceptional plumbing providers like 24 Hour Plumbing & Heating for routine inspections and maintenance of your home plumbing. This way, you are ensuring that your plumbing is in absolutely healthy condition. And if any error is detected, they will be rectified as soon as possible.

If it’s that time of the year in St Albert when chilly weather is making your teeth chatter and your warm clothes are insufficient in keeping you warm and cozy, then you need to take extra precautions to keep yourself warm. Or even if it’s that scorching summer when all the breezy clothes are unable to cool you off, you will need to take extra precautions for that too. And for that, you’ll need to get your heating appliances to work perfectly. Irrespective of the weather conditions, the respective heating appliances need to be taken proper care of. But how do you know when they need to be looked after? When your furnace stops warming up the temperature of your room or when your air conditioner stops blowing that cool air is when you know that your heating appliances need some repair and maintenance.
So how do you keep all your heating appliances in perfect working condition? Call 24 Hour Plumbing & Heating for your rescue and our HVAC professionals will be there at your doorstep to provide you with excellent repair and maintenance service.


● Boilers
Whether you have an oil boiler or a gas boiler you need to get them checked and cleaned once and twice a year respectively. What if while you want to get ready for the chilly winters, your boilers decide to give up on you. That’s why you should not wait to get your boilers maintained and repaired if something is already wrong. It is especially important to keep a tab on the boiler’s radiators so they don’t start acting up and not providing you with enough heat. The repairing terms also apply if the pilot switch of your boiler automatically starts switching on and off, or makes banging and whistling noises.

● Air-cooled condensing Units
When your AC starts making annoying noises and does not offer effective cooling, you need to get it repaired. 24 Hour Plumbing & Heating houses experts who can guide you through the effectiveness of your AC and will also tell you what exactly is wrong. They will even suggest you get a new one if your current Air-cooled condensing unit is beyond repair. Call your most trusted HVAC technician or 24 Hour Plumbing & Heating to tend to your AC needs. Our exceptional technicians will knock on your door as soon as possible, equipped with the best tools.

● Humidifiers
When you turn on your humidifier and keep it at a normal level and you still notice dampness in curtains or pillows and your windows start accumulating moisture, it is time to get your humidifier repaired. If the foam or filter of your humidifier is relatively dusty or damaged, you will need to get them replaced. To identify what exactly is wrong with your humidifier, our HVAC professionals are of great help to you.

● Furnace Repair and Maintenance
Your furnace is one of the most essential heating appliances at your home when you want to be nice and toasty in the abrasive winters. So why let it turn to dust when it is not in use. The dirty filters will later lead to your furnace not providing you with enough heat. You should frequently keep on checking the condition and make sure that your furnace is working just fine. If you are unable to figure out some key faults, call 24 Hour Plumbing & Heating. Our professionals are always equipped with the right tools to get crucial heating appliances like your furnace in the best working condition.

Our licensed and trusted professionals are ready to assist you with all the required plumbing and heating emergencies. 24 Hour Plumbing & Heating is your go-to guide when any minor or severe plumbing, heating issues arise. So, when you need a hand with plumbing, our professional or technician will be there at your service.


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