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A plumbing system is intricately connected with your house, and if anything goes wrong in the system, your entire house gets affected. In addition, the cost of repairing your plumbing system and house can be super expensive. Furthermore, along with your house, even your health depends on the plumbing system. For instance, if your pipe has a hole in it, then somehow the outside dirt can find its way in, and you might end up consuming such water. This can lead to health issues, which in turn, affect your daily routine. To avoid this hassle, get your plumbing system inspected and fixed by 24 Hour Plumbing in Surrey. We are equipped with the best technology that won’t leave any room for errors.



Detecting internal leakages

Internal leakages are the most dangerous ones as you won't be able to detect them immediately. Furthermore, if it's not fixed on time, then it has the potential to change the shape of your house. Here are some signs that reveal there is an internal leakage - exorbitant water bills, formation of cracks and mold, awful smells from rooms, stains on walls, floors, and ceiling, and visible wet spots on your lawn. This makes your house look dull and old, and even if you renovate your house, you will also have to fix the plumbing system, which can cost you a fortune. The ultimate solution is to call us if you observe any of the above-mentioned signs. We have advanced technology that will inspect your entire house and detect internal leakages. We also recommend a periodic inspection of internal pipes to prevent any loss. 



Installing water softeners

Your expensive clothes, cutlery, and vessels can be spoiled in no time if you have a supply of hard water in your house. In addition, you may experience itching and your skin can be affected. Furthermore, it can affect your plumbing system, belongings and appliances. Here is how - the water can clog your pipes, dull the color of your newly-bought dress, form mineral deposits in faucets, showers, and fixtures. The best solution to this problem is to install water softeners. 24 Hour Plumbing is equipped with the best technology and high-quality water softeners. Our technicians will come and fix them in your house - they are well-trained and licensed. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the quality of service. Once you have the water softener installed, you will observe the changes. For example, you will have healthier skin and hair, cleaner and brighter clothes, improved taste of water, and it is excellent for your plumbing system. We believe in delivering the best service and live up to our customers' expectations.  



Repairing the sewer line

Your sewer line is known as the mainline because any issues here can directly affect your entire plumbing system, and consequently, your house. But how would you know if your sewer line needs attention? Here are some signs - inconsistency in water level of a toilet bowl, awful smells from toilets and backyards, soggy backyards, slow drainage, frequent clogs, noises from pipes, and exorbitant water bills. Furthermore, your health is significantly affected by sewer backups. You may face issues like abdominal cramps, diarrhea, ENT infection, liver infection, muscle aches, vomiting, nausea, headaches, and many more. Also, with frequent sewer backups in the bathroom, your bathroom appliances get damaged. Fixing your property, appliances, sewer, and health can put pressure on your bank balance. Therefore, if you observe the above-mentioned signs, call us immediately. Our plumbers are well-trained and equipped with the best tools and equipment, which allows them to deliver flawless service. Don't try to fix it yourself as you don't have the required safety kit like our professionals.



Fixing drainage issues

The weekend is around the corner, and all your friends have decided to get together at your house. You wake up on Sunday, all excited to meet your friends, but you observe that there is slow drainage in your sinks and no drainage at all in your toilets. Having guests over in such a situation can be really embarrassing and you don't want to cancel on them. So what would you do next? Call 24 Hour Plumbing - no matter at which hour of the day you call us, we will be there at your doorstep. Our plumbers have the best equipment that will leave no room for error. You need to know that drainage is caused due to flushing down hard objects, invasion of natural elements like tree roots, heavy vehicles moving over it, faulty pipes, and others. This can lead to property damage and health problems. Therefore, call us if home remedies don’t work or if it's super urgent, and we will be there in no time.  



Providing air conditioner services

You don't want your AC to stop working during the summer as it will make it super difficult for you to survive in Surrey's weather. Some of the common issues in the AC are - not turning on, not blowing cool air, freezing outside units, leaking outside and inside the house, making noises, and having faults in the electric line. If you observe the above-mentioned signs, you need to call us immediately. We fix as well as provide all kinds of services related to air conditioners. Also, we recommend that you must get your AC inspected before and during the summer so that you don't face any inconveniences. You can call us anytime and we will be there with our best tools.  

Healthy plumbing means a healthy you. It is surprising how the plumbing system is an integral part of our life, as any issues there can bring a halt to your daily activities. Therefore, ensuring that it is in proper condition is your job and helping you with that is our job. Be it 12 in the night or a lazy Sunday - you can connect with 24 Hour Plumbing at any given time because we prioritize your safety.  


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