Unusual Faucet Designs

16 Oct. 19

3 Unusual Faucet Designs to Consider

Functionality is something we look for in every utility we employ in our homes. But being functional, it isn’t necessary for the generic fixtures in your home to look dull, or lack aesthetic value. When you build a home, the bathroom is one place where you want to be in peace whenever you enter. You want to make the brushing experience more aesthetic for those Monday mornings rather than having the same boring leaky and rusty faucet designs. When you look at the bathroom sink, you must feel the urge to use the faucet with a happy mood. And a faucet that defines the kind of person you are makes it even more aesthetically pleasing to you and to the guests that might arrive at your place for a get-together. Designer faucets that match the themes from the Victorian era or Persian architecture are a thing of the past. You wouldn’t want the same nickel made bent over valves to accompany your marble finish sinks. Having some eye-widening designs over your bathroom sink does increase self-worth when your guests and relatives admire the peculiarity of the models.

1) The Ring Faucet

This minimalistic, platinum polished design is a noteworthy way of experiencing the flow of water in your sink. Designed by Sun Liang, this design has an eccentric hollow ring on a metal plate making the water flow in a circular fashion from the faucet, instead of the same old gush of water with bubbles. The waterfalls off the edge of the ring and the clear hole on the top give space for the light to pass through the water, making it a pleasing sight to see when you use it. The water looks as bright as a glass tube while flowing from this faucet and the sunlight hitting the water surface from the inside will give you a new vision every time.

2) Triflow Tap

Designed by Zaha Hadid for a British manufacturer, the triflow design was called the tap of the future. If you’re interested in enhancing your bath experience with an enigmatic enchantment, you can have this tap with curves that defines the geometries of the flow of water in a continuous motion. The name triflow describes the patented three-way water flow innovation, that sends filtered water through the faucet, separate from the hot or cold water streams, preventing any plumbing emergency. The knob on the valve is quite discreet, and the filtered water runs through a touch sensing button.

3) +Shifter Faucet

Are you fascinated by motor sporting events? Or do you simply love your car? Then this faucet can be a dazzler for your bathroom sink or bath-tub. The +Shifter faucet has been cleverly built on the design of a sleek gear shift handle from a luxury car. This design has an alternative water flow and temperature on every different gear on the handle. Now when you’re running late, you can shift to turbo like Vin Diesel from Fast and Furious and be on your way after washing that foam off your face.

To make your bathroom look appealing but crisply, you need not only unique faucets but also an excellent plumbing service that makes sure the faucets are correctly fixed and can assist you in any plumbing emergency. Make sure you go for the sinks that match the look and feel of your queer faucets. For faucet fixtures or any other plumbing emergency, contact 24 hours Plumbing and Heating.