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As a property owner, keeping an eye on HVAC issues in Toronto is of paramount importance. You not only want to have a happy, comfortable home, but you also need to maintain repair and energy costs down as well as protect the value of your property.

However, problems with your HVAC system can and do occur. Although, in most cases, a thorough inspection and diagnosis by a qualified HVAC technician in Toronto will likely be warranted, knowing ahead of time what the problem might help prevent minor fixes from becoming major repairs.


Here are seven common problems Toronto homes experience with their commercial HVAC system:

Poor Air Quality:
Does the air coming out of your vents seem dirty, or carrying an unpleasant odour? Indoor air quality (IAQ) can result from many issues, including dirty air filters, condensed stagnant water inside equipment, and a lack of fresh or ventilated air. Remember, filters should be changed 3 – 4 times per year at a minimum to keep dust, allergens, and other air pollutants out of your office space, so if your filters are old, changing them asap is a significant first step to help clear the air.

Improper Air Balancing in Your Commercial HVAC System:

Is one of your offices always colder than the others? Or do some rooms take longer to heat up? This could be a problem with the dampers, which control airflow through the ducts within your commercial HVAC system. If the dampers are not correctly balanced, you’re going to have uneven temperatures throughout your home or office.

Strange Noises:

If you’re facing an issue of noises coming from the vents every time the commercial HVAC system activates, there could be a broken damper or piece of ductwork that has become loose. Not only can the noise be irritating, but the cause could also cause harm to your system and affect its efficiency. This should be looked into immediately to prevent further damage and high repair cost.

Water Leakage From Your Commercial HVAC System:

Water leaking from your commercial HVAC system could be the result of a drain line being clogged with dirt, algae, or other debris. When this happens, water can back up into the drain pan, causing it to leak out and potentially cause water damage and introduce bacteria to space. Avoiding a clogged drained line is as simple as having it cleaned out as part of a regular Preventative Maintenance Program.

Unusually Warm Air:

When the air blowing out of your vents isn’t cold, it could be a sign that your system has developed a refrigerant leak. Refrigerants are the liquid agents that cool and dehumidify indoor air. Insufficient refrigerant levels in your system can negatively affect your system’s performance and cause other work overtime components. This can lead to additional, expensive repairs if the issue isn’t addressed quickly.

Poor Performance From Your Commercial HVAC System:

Does your commercial HVAC system seem less efficient than usual? It could be a simple maintenance issue, such as evaporator and condenser coils that need cleaning. Your economizer dampers might be dirty as well, causing them to become stuck in a particular position, which can either stop your system from utilizing outside air to cool the inside or overloading the cooling coil with too much hot air from the outside. In any case, calling a professional to conduct a thorough cleaning is to help solve the problem.

Increasing Energy Costs:

One sign of a poorly performing system that might be noticeable is a sudden, inexplicable rise in your heating and cooling costs. If you see an upward trend in energy usage, even if your commercial HVAC system seems to be functioning normally, it’s time to call in the professionals.

How to Prevent Commercial HVAC System Issues?
The easiest way to solve HVAC problems before they happen is to have your system regularly inspected and maintained by qualified HVAC technicians. Regular HVAC maintenance involves replacing filters and steam-generating cylinders, inspecting boilers, valves, and heat pumps, cleaning humidifiers, and much more. Keeping your system maintained can also help reduce energy costs and provide a much more comfortable environment for your tenants.

However, even a well-maintained system can have issues, entirely due to wear and tear on its components over time. If this happens, be sure to call the company that performs your HVAC inspections, as they will already be intimately familiar with your system and have records they can refer to that can help guide them toward diagnosing the problem.

Ignoring small problems and delaying regular maintenance can cost you dearly, and we don’t just mean finally. An HVAC emergency might sound confusing and unclear. But, they do happen all the time, and knowing about them is essential and a must for all homeowners in Toronto.


What is considered an HVAC emergency?
Heating problems and plumbing problems can occur at all hours of the day or night. Sadly, your household systems may not choose an ideal time to go down. When they do, you need to respond quickly, and that might require an emergency call to a trained technician. But what qualifies as an HVAC emergency, and when does the problem require you to treat it immediately? Only you, the homeowner, can make that call, but we’ve provided a few guidelines to help you out.

Look out for the following signs and sounds to know when your HVAC system is acting up.

  • Screeching Sound

  • Burning smell

  • Inadequate Airflow

  • Popping Noises

  • Thwapping

  • Clicking Sound

  • Frozen Coils in Summer

HVAC emergencies in Toronto are best when left for the professionals to handle. So, let 24 Hour Plumbing and Heating be your first call in the event of an emergency. We understand how destructive plumbing issues can get. That’s why we are ready to be at your service 24/7/365.

Our highly trained team, drug tested, background checked, and courteous technicians can assist you in all aspects of your heating and cooling needs when managing HVAC service in Toronto.

We’re open 24/7/365 because plumbing and HVAC emergencies don’t wait, and the last thing you need is to wait for several days for an appointment. We believe your job is never too small for us to care.

Every second counts once you face an HVAC emergency. A simple problem can turn into the worst nightmare if not addressed immediately.

Whereas online searches can suggest all the 24 hours HVAC in Toronto, you still have to find the right expert to respond immediately and get the work done right the first time.

That’s where we come in. Nobody understands Toronto’s unique HVAC problems better than 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing and Heating. For a simple reason, we have over 20 years of experience fixing those problems.


HVAC Emergencies we assist you with:

  • Duct Cleaning

  • Furnace Cleaning

  • Dryer Vent Cleaning

  • Ac Cleaning

  • Central Vacuum Cleaning

  • Furnace And Air Conditioner Repair And Installation

Duct Cleaning
Duct cleaning generally refers to the cleaning of various heating and cooling system components of forced air systems. It includes the supply and returns air ducts and registers, grilles and diffusers, heat exchangers heating and cooling coils, condensate drain pans (drip pans), fan motor, and fan housing.

Duct cleaning is an essential part of cleaning your home. Periodic cleaning ensures that dust, allergens, and other particles aren’t being blown and distributed throughout your home. Every time your furnace or air conditioner turns on, the air is forced throughout your home and with it, any particles that are in the ductwork.

Just because you can’t see what’s in your duct system doesn’t mean you aren’t breathing in what’s coming out of it. 24-hour plumbing and heating Toronto duct cleaning services will help take your home’s cleanliness to the next level.


The Benefits Of Duct Cleaning
There are apparent advantages to cleaning any area of your home, but when it comes to duct cleaning, there are some benefits you might not have considered.
Here are some advantages to duct cleaning with 24-hour plumbing and heating:

  • Improved Airflow

  • Increase Efficiency

  • Better Air Quality

  • Removal Of Mould & Spores

How Do You Know You Need Duct Cleaning?
Typically, if you have a newer home and your HVAC appliances receive regular maintenance where the filters are changed regularly, you might not need to have your ducts cleaned very often. Here are a few indications you need professional cleaning services:

  • There’s a build-up of dust on the vents around your home.

  • You can see mould or other spores growing in and around the vents in your home.

  • You can smell dust, mould, or another foreign smell from your vents.

  • Your home has recently had construction or renovations.

  • You live in a neighbourhood where there is lots of construction happening.

  • Individual rooms in your home are much dustier than others.

Suppose you’re unsure whether your ducts need cleaning or not, contact a professional duct cleaning expert at 24-hour plumbing and heating. With over 20 years of experience providing duct cleaning and other HVAC services throughout Toronto, we can help you make smart decisions about your HVAC system.

Furnace Cleaning

Dirt is the biggest enemy of your furnace. It can waste fuel and drastically lower efficiency. Dirt affects all three essential components, so cleaning is the most crucial part of regular maintenance.

The three parts of the furnace should be cleaned: the filter system, the blower, and the motor. You need to understand that cleaning the furnace is an important part, and the more you will be prompt in the same, the more effective and efficient the operation of the furnace will be. During regular operation of the furnace, dust can accumulate in ductwork that can lead to microbial growth.

Timely cleanup ensures that you breathe clean air, which is also safe for your family’s health. It also helps you save on energy consumption and increase efficiency by as much as 40 percent!


How Frequently Should I Get My Furnace Cleaned?

When you schedule regular furnace cleaning, you’ll work towards avoiding replacements and repairs down the road. In general, a homeowner should schedule professional furnace maintenance at least once a year. However, certain conditions (such as pets in the home) can call for more frequent maintenance. Contact us today, and we’ll help you understand your furnace cleaning needs.

Benefits of Furnace Cleaning

Remember, the state of your furnace can play a significant role in the condition of your entire HVAC system. Therefore, it’s essential to take the time for furnace cleaning in the “T.” Doing this will help you save money and time later!

With our help, you’ll be able to live with the benefit of a fully functional furnace on an emergency basis, so contact us whenever you need professional service for your furnace and HVAC system in Toronto.

Dryer Vent Cleaning
One of the most significant home fire hazards is a dirty dryer vent. And even if clogged dryer ducts don’t lead to household damage right away, it’ll waste your time, energy, and money.

Many people are not aware that emptying the lint trap on your dryer, regular cleaning of the duct leading from the dryer to the outside of your home is necessary. Lint and debris which are not trapped by the screen get through and can gradually clog the vent, leading to decreased dryer function and, in extreme cases, a potential fire hazard to your home.


Consider these warning signs of dangerous lint build-up in your dryer:

  • Clothes take longer and longer to dry.

  • Clothes don’t dry fully

  • Clothes are hotter than usual at the end of the drying cycle

  • The outside of the dryer gets very hot

  • The outside exhaust vent flapper doesn’t open much, indicating low exhaust velocity

  • The laundry room becomes more humid than it is usually

  • A burnt smell is evident in the laundry room

These are just some well-known symptoms, and recognizing them could protect you and your family from the dangers of an unhealthy maintenance routine.

Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning

  • A clean dryer operates more efficiently and dries clothes more speedily.

  • Removes lint, debris, and clogs to ensure proper airflow.

  • Prevents a fire hazard by removing all the lint you can’t see.

You can always give a shot to the DIY vent cleaning kits.

However, most of the time, an element is missing or not suitable for your dryer system. Our experience tells us that most people always end up with a professional dry vent cleaner because an expert has seen many dryers like yours and had the know-how to apply the best cleaning procedures to your system.

If that’s not good enough, here are some other reasons to let professionals at 24 hours plumbing and heating clean your clogged dryer vents in Toronto:


  • A professional dryer vent cleaning helps you save money by lowering your energy bills.

  • How do shorter drying times sound? You don’t have to run the dryer multiple times anymore!

  • Your dryer needs fewer repairs and maintenance if you have it clean professionally at least once a year.

  • It helps reduce fire risk in your home.

Ac Cleaning
Your home’s AC is vital to your family’s comfort during the hot summer months. Don’t risk your unit breaking when you need it most. Our trained technicians cover all areas of your AC unit to ensure cold air flows all summer long, and its intricate parts are all in working order.

Just like your ducts, an AC system will experience dirt and dust buildup over time, leading to blocked airways and unwanted odours. In more severe neglect cases, harmful microbes can grow and find their way into the air circulating your home, potentially harming you. Regular service from 24-hour plumbing and heating professionals in Toronto will put these worries away and maintain the highest indoor air quality in your home.

Signs Your Home Needs An Ac Cleaning

  • Higher than average energy bills

  • Lack of humidity removal

  • Thermostat is unresponsive

  • The condenser coils are covered in dirt, leaves, and debris.

Your AC unit is a complicated machine and should only be serviced by a trained technician. Our team will assess all parts and factors to get your AC into its best shape. Contact us today for an AC cleaning service in Toronto.

Central Vacuum Cleaning
A central vacuum cleaner (also known as built-in or ducted) is a type of vacuum cleaner appliance, installed into a building as a semi-permanent fixture. Central vacuum systems are designed to remove dirt and debris from homes and buildings, sending dirt particles through tubing installed inside the walls to a collection container in remote utility space.

A central vacuum unit allows for homeowners an efficient vacuum and a lesser need for storage. However, this unit needs to be emptied and cleaned of any remaining build-up of dust particles within the system over time.

24-hour plumbing and heating in Toronto remove any clog and prevents future clogs from occurring in this passageway. Our various cleaning hoses fit all sizes of central vacuum units to satisfy any customer needing this service. A full inspection is taken to ensure all airways connected to the central vacuum unit are taken care of.

Finally, we clean the finishing air filter and canister with High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) quality vacuum. This allows your unit to provide optimal suction while simultaneously reducing the overwork or strain in the vacuum motor.


Highlights of central vacuum cleaning in Toronto we provide:

  • System Safe Cleaning

  • Ports are blown with 150-250 PSI force to dislodge any debris

  • The central vacuum system is cleaned

  • Chamber is cleaned and inspected

  • Multi-Point System Check™ is performed.


Furnace And Air Conditioner Repair And Installation
At 24 hour plumbing and heating, we can repair different types of furnaces, air conditioning units. If you want any services regarding Furnace repair in Toronto, all you have to do is give us a call, and our skilled personnel will instantly visit you to take care of your respected problems. Our Team is gladly ready to serve all your furnace repairs and installation. Do not waste time in thinking in case you start to suspect your furnace. You do not want to end up shivering in the cold just because the furnace is not functioning correctly.

We are also providing Air Conditioner Repair and Installation Services in Toronto to deal with any problems that might be present in your air conditioner unit. As compared to any other local air conditioner repair company, our team provides state-of-the-art services.

You do not want to end up with a malfunctioning or damaged air conditioner unit. It is essential to get the best air conditioner repair service to ensure your air conditioner’s longer lifespan.

Of course, it is always essential to provide regular care and maintenance to prevent early breakdowns or problems. Remember that maintenance of an air conditioning system is worth the cost instead of spending a lot on a new air conditioner as a replacement.


​Why Choose 24 Plumbing & Heating?
When you reach out to us with your plumbing emergency in Saskatoon, we will respond quickly and arrive on time. You can count on our licensed and insured plumbers to provide you with the best possible service at an affordable cost.

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We’re open 24/7/365 because plumbing emergencies don’t wait.

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