Types of Furnaces

20 Feb. 20

Understanding Different Types of Furnaces

What if your old home furnace breaks down? You will surely be confused as to how you will heat your home henceforth. You can contact the best HVAC professional in your vicinity to know about which new home furnace is most suitable for your home. With the varied sizes that furnaces are available nowadays, they will definitely not bother you in terms of compact spaces. Moreover, furnaces are considered the most viable option for heating and one of the main components of your HVAC system. Since furnaces are available in different types, we are here to give you a deeper understanding of the main home furnace types available to you.

Gas Furnace

Gas furnaces are highly economical and also readily available due to the high availability of gas in the region. A gas furnace usually makes use of natural gas, Liquified Petroleum Gas, propane, butane or a mixture of propane-butane, whatever is available in the particular region. The gas blows through the ducts, with the help of fans and makes your homes warm. Gas furnaces create even heating throughout your entire homes, which is one of the significant reasons why it is preferred the most.

Oil Furnace

Oil furnaces are less efficient, having low AFUE rating compared to gas furnaces. However, if you require a home furnace at relatively cheaper rates, you can surely choose oil furnaces for your HVAC needs. Oil furnace converts the oil into heat, and then the heat is distributed in your home. Since oil furnace involves the conversion of oil into heat, oil furnaces are built differently. They are built with heavy and thicker steel since the conversion of oil to heat requires a specialized burner.

Electric Furnace

Electric furnaces are remarkably cheaper compared to any other furnace when purchasing upfront. However, people only choose electric furnaces if gas lines or oil furnace availability lacks in their vicinity. These furnaces use wire coils for the heating process. People want electric furnaces, also because they are incredibly compact, making them easy to fit them anywhere. But, at the same time, electric furnaces incur high costs on your electric bills due to the considerable usage of electricity to power the furnace.

Modulating Furnace

A modulating furnace is costly as compared to any other furnace listed above. However, the benefits that they showcase are quite capable of convincing you to have them installed. Modulating furnace adjusts the amount of heat produced inside the home, based on the thermostat’s temperature. Modulating furnace will provide you with the required warm comfort; however, the little noise that it continues to make due to frequent usage might disrupt your peace.

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