Sewage Smell

06 Apr. 21

What’s Causing That Sewage Smell in Your Bathroom?

Every homeowner wants a bathroom that is clean and smells fresh at all times. Unfortunately, this may not always be the case. In fact, for many homeowners, the odour that comes from their bathroom can be unpleasant at best.

If you are experiencing this problem as well, you definitely want to know what’s causing that foul smell. You’re also probably wondering if it is calling for a plumbing emergency. Well, as with all pipe issues, your next move depends on what’s causing the issue.

In the sections below, we will share three probable causes of your bathroom’s stink:

Clogged Up Shower Drains

If your shower drains are not regularly cleaned, it’s possible that it’s where the terrible smell is coming from. You see, all the residue of your hair products, shower gels, not to mention those hair strands and dead skin will all accumulate in your drains. All of these can start to decay and give off that horrid smell over time.

If the drains are indeed the cause, you can try this quick fix. Boil two to three cups of water. Mix in the same amount of white vinegar and pour it down the drain. After that, pour two cups of baking soda and let that mixture work its magic. The bubbling action will dissolve all the sediment, and when you pour boiling water after two hours again, the smell should be gone.

After the problem is solved, you must ensure that you regularly clean your drain so that it won’t happen again. You can use a simple drain clog removal tool to remove any clogged debris.

Dry P-Trap

The P-Trap is that curved pipe under your sink, which is there to keep things from going straight down to the drain. But another purpose of the P-trap is to keep water in the pipe bend, which works as some type of seal to prevent foul-smelling gases from seeping into your home.

If your P-trap isn’t used regularly or if there’s too much movement of air in those pipes, the horrible smell can easily end up stinking the bathroom. Do you think it’s your P-trap that’s causing that dreadful smell? The solution is simple. Just let your tap water run for at least ten minutes to ensure there’s enough water in the trap and the water seal is established. If it doesn’t solve your problem, it might be time to call your trusted emergency plumbers from 24-Hour Plumbing and Heating to remedy the situation!

Damaged Wax Ring

The last thing you want causing problems is your toilet. The problem is it is a possibility – it is a simple malfunction, but the result can be a repulsive smell. You see, there’s a sewage drain pipe under the toilet, and between that pipe and your toilet’s base is a wax ring that seals the two together.

If that wax ring is cracked and damaged, unpleasant gases can seep through. Unlike the first two possible causes, if this is the reason your bathroom smells, consider it a plumbing emergency and call your trusted plumber to fix that broken seal immediately!


At this point, you now know three possible reasons there’s a horrible smell coming from your bathroom. And while it may be possible for you to do a temporary fix, it’s still a better idea to give your local plumber a call so that they can check your bathroom, determine the culprit, and fix it permanently!

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