14 Aug. 19

When do You Have a Plumbing Emergency?

A plumbing emergency is any issue in your plumbing system that can’t wait and needs immediate attention. Either you can try your hand and solve the plumbing emergency on your own or call the plumbing experts to deal with it. If you fail to act on the plumbing problem, it will create more issues for you and your house. So what are the most common plumbing emergencies? Here are a few of them.

Broken or Cracked Pipes

Due to water pressure fluctuations or temperature changes (freezing and thawing), your plumbing pipes can get impacted. The heavy impact can result in cracks. If you don’t pay attention to the leakage from your water, the cracks may become worse and may even result in burst pipes. Corrosion and age of pipes can also be the reasons for cracks.

Leaking Faucets

The constant drips from your bathroom or kitchen faucets can be annoying. They not only shoot up your water bills but also result in faucet corrosion and mould growth on faucets and areas around them. A leaky faucet may be due to a faulty washer, high water pressure, corroded valve, broken parts, or loose faucet. Call your plumber to take action on this plumbing emergency.

Shaky Toilets

A shaky toilet is dangerous in many ways. It may prevent you from sitting straight and result in falls and slips. A loose toilet can also cause a leak in the sewer line, and worse, flood the bathroom floor. This toilet problem occurs when the caulking or sealing of the commode starts depleting and the toilet detaches from the base.

Sewer Backup

Sewer backups are messy, costly, and inconvenient to deal with. Nobody wants the waste to back up in their home through various plumbing fixtures. Multiple drain clogs, bad sewage odours coming from the drains, gurgling toilets, and water pooling around the basement floor drain are just some signs of this sewer line problem.

No Hot Water

A failing water heater is something we often take for granted. But when there’s no hot water from the heater in cold weather, you feel the pinch. No hot water or less hot water from your water heater can be due to a faulty heating element or thermostat inside the heater. Water leakage, tripped buttons, and loose wiring can also be the reasons.

We expect our plumbing system to work without a problem, but this is an imperfect world we live in. Therefore, call your 24-hour emergency plumber whenever you gave any plumbing problem. We provide complete services 365 days, 24/7 so that you don’t have to deal with plumbing nightmares.