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The plumbing system and all the appliances connected to it make up a complex grid without which living in your home would be difficult. The plumbing grid of your home ensures that you get the right amount of water when needed, at the right temperature and pressure. It makes carrying out daily chores and activities for your family possible. So, it is just as important as the electrical system in your home. However, it is also prone to several issues with time. These issues can be difficult to deal with, and if not addressed on time, they can end up costing you a lot of money and peace of mind.

Instead of relying on DIY fixes or calling your local handyman, you should call 24 Hour Plumbing and Heating if you face any issues with your home’s plumbing system. We are an experienced team of professionals that offer a variety of repair solutions in Whittler. What’s more, our services also include regular maintenance as well as installations. We can help you maintain your plumbing system for years to come and help you choose the right upgrades and replacements when the time comes.


Pipes Repair and Replacement
Pipes are some of the most critical components of your plumbing system responsible for carrying water from the tanks to the faucets, appliances, and drains. And the most common issues plumbing pipes are prone to include leaks, tears, burst pipes, corrosion, or clogs. These problems can be annoying at first but can quickly multiply and damage your entire plumbing system. Fixing pipes can be an expensive affair if the repairs are delayed.

If you face any problem with your pipes, you should contact 24 Hour Plumbing and Heating at the earliest. We are experienced in fixing all kinds of issues with plumbing pipes. We can even repair gas lines, ice maker/refrigerator lines, and washing machine hoses. Sometimes, pipes cannot be repaired and need to be replaced. We can help you with pipe replacements too. Our pipe replacement solutions ensure the new lines will not break down within a few years, and they will fit your budget perfectly.

Water Heater Repair, Service, and Installation
The water heater in your home is seldom used during the summer months, but come winter, and it becomes a critical component of your home. Since it is not used for many months in the year, it can face several issues when it is started back up during the winter. These issues include inadequate water heating or pressure, leaks, scalding water, a faulty thermostat, mineral buildup, damaged relief valve, or corrosion. Such problems need to be addressed immediately before they start disrupting your family’s comfort during the winter months.

Your best solution is to contact 24 Hour Plumbing and Heating if you face any issues with your water heater. It is a complex piece of equipment that needs experienced professionals for repairs. 24 Hour Plumbing and Heating can also help you avoid these problems in the first place with our water heater maintenance services. Our maintenance service includes deep inspection and diagnosis of your water heater to ensure it runs perfectly when needed. We can also help you find the best water heater for your home if you are moving into a new home or looking for an upgrade. Our water heater installation solutions promise to meet your demands and budget without compromising on quality and customer satisfaction.

Here are our extended water heater services that you can opt for.


Tankless Water Heater Installation
Tankless water heaters are gaining popularity in Whittler in recent years because they are much more efficient and easier to maintain than regular water heaters. They produce a supply of hot water in your home without any fluctuations in the temperature—all without needing a tank to store hot water. 24 Hour Plumbing and Heating can help you find the best tankless water heater upgrade for your home at the best price. Contact us now.

Expansion Tank Repair, Service, and Installation
Water expands when it is heated. When your water heater heats the water, sometimes, it does not have anywhere to go, leading to an increase in water pressure. This increased water pressure can damage your pipes or lead to a lot of water wastage. To tackle it, water heaters come with expansion tanks where the excess water can be evacuated. These expansion tanks are prone to many problems. 24 Hour Plumbing and Heating is one of the few technicians in Whittler who can repair the said expansion tanks with ease. We can also help you service and install expansion tanks to avoid any problems in the first place.

Recirculation Pumps Installation
When you turn on your water heater, the cold water must first be evacuated from the lines to make way for fresh hot water. This can lead to a lot of water waste. In its place, we suggest you install recirculation pumps or instant hot water dispensers in your home. These devices ensure a continuous supply of hot water instantly in your home without having to waste unused cold water from the lines. 24 Hour Plumbing and Heating can help you find, maintain, and repair all kinds of recirculation pumps and instant hot water dispensers.

Faucets and Other Fixtures Repair and Installation
Your home’s plumbing system also consists of various faucets and outlets like showerheads, taps, hoses, etc. They may not be the backbone of your plumbing system, but they are still crucial for carrying out daily routines. Over time, these fixtures can develop issues like leaks, running water, leaking handles, clogging, noises, rusting, or low water pressure. No matter how small these issues are, they need to be fixed on time so that they don’t start damaging the plumbing components connected to it.

If you face any problem with the faucets and fixtures in your home, you need to contact 24 Hour Plumbing and Heating. We are an experienced team of technicians who can fix your faucets at the best price in town. We can also assist you with the replacement or installation of new plumbing fixtures and faucets. Our replacement and installation solutions ensure that the new faucets and fixtures meet your requirements, match your home’s decor, and stay within your budget while offering the best quality.


Sinks and Drains Repair and Maintenance
The sinks and drains are essential parts of your plumbing system as they are responsible for carrying out wastewater to the city drain lines. They are used almost daily, and thousands of litres of dirty water get handled by them in a month. Due to such extensive usage, they can run into many problems like clogs, mineral buildups, corrosion, root intrusion, strange smells or sounds, etc. These problems can be annoying to deal with, and in severe cases, they can make it impossible to dispose of wastewater properly. They can even cause mould damage in your home.

You need to contact 24 Hour Plumbing and Heating at the earliest if you notice any problem with your drains or sinks. DIY fixes often damage the drains further, especially chemical drain cleaners that can eat through PVC pipes. We are experienced in dealing with all kinds of drain issues with the help of our high-tech equipment. We can also help you maintain your drains with our annual maintenance services so that you don’t face any problems with your drains. We use cutting-edge technology to diagnose and service your drain lines.


Toilets Repair, Service, and Installation
You and your family use the toilets and flush them all the time, but they are also prone to many issues. They can break down or show their age in many ways; some of the most common toilet issues include low flush pressure, running toilet, noisy toilet, damaged flush valves, leaks, strange smells, etc. These issues can make it difficult for you and your family to use the toilets, and if they are not fixed on time, they can even damage your drain lines.

If you face any problem with your home’s toilet and flush systems, you should contact 24 Hour Plumbing and Heating without any delay. Our expert technicians will fix the problem, so your family’s comfort is not compromised. Even if you don’t have any issues yet, let us come over and service your toilet system so that it keeps running smoothly for years to come. We can also help you upgrade or replace your old toilet system with better toilets that suit your demands without compromising on quality or comfort.

Water Filtration System Repair, Service, and Installation
The water purification system in your home is essential to your family’s health. Bad or dirty water is one of the most common causes of illnesses in Whittler. But over time, these water purifiers can break down due to wear and tear. The most common water filtration system issues include low water pressure, unusual taste or smell in water, clogged filters, noisy faucets, increased utility bills, etc. Not only can these issues affect your family’s health, but they can even damage your plumbing system by causing mineral buildups and stains.

24 Hour Plumbing and Heating can help you fix all kinds of water filtration system problems at the best prices in town. We are experienced and certified in repairing all types of water filtration systems. We can also help you avoid these problems by servicing your water purification system annually and ensuring it runs smoothly without any hiccups. Lastly, we can also help you find and install the best water filtration system in your home with our installation services.

Garbage Disposal Repair, Service, and Installation
The garbage disposal under your sink might seem like a simple machine, but it is quite complicated and is prone to several issues throughout its life. The most common garbage disposal issues that we are often called to fix include clogging, leaking sink flange, slow drain, humming noises, stuck flywheel, etc. These issues need to be addressed at the earliest; otherwise, they can cause irreparable damage to the garbage disposal system. The problems can also make your daily chores difficult and annoying to carry out.

If you want to fix your garbage disposal, your best option is to contact 24 Hour Plumbing and Heating without delay. Our skilled technicians know how to work on all kinds of garbage disposal, whether new or old. We can fix your garbage disposal at the best price in town. On the other hand, most garbage disposal problems can be avoided in the first place with regular tune-up and maintenance. 24 Hour Plumbing and Heating can help you with that as well with our garbage disposal tune-up and maintenance services. We can also help you find the best garbage disposal if you plan to install one in your home or upgrade to a better one.

Remodelling Services
Modern homes are evolving, and with the rise of new technologies, you may need to revamp your home’s plumbing system. You may want to add or remodel your bathroom, kitchen, or add new showers or bathtubs, or even more washers and dryers to another location in your home. Since these are all connected to the plumbing system, you should contact 24 Hour Plumbing and Heating for such services. We offer the best remodelling services in Whittler. Our technicians guarantee the utmost customer satisfaction and the best prices with our remodelling services.

Water Control Solutions
During a plumbing emergency such as a pipe burst, a lot of water can break out of the plumbing system and damage your home and cause flooding. It is vital to have safety measures to prevent flooding and water damage, as preventing them is much safer and cheaper than repairing water damage. 24 Hour Plumbing and Heating has the best water control solutions available in Whittler at the best prices to keep your home safe from any water and flood damage if the plumbing system fails. We can help you install automatic shut-off systems, flood stoppers, and water alarm systems. Our solutions not only stop water from flooding into your home but also warn you about them.

Emergency Plumbing Services
Regardless of how well maintained your plumbing system is, it can still sometimes run into unexpected problems. Most of these problems are minor, but some can be severe and can threaten to damage your entire plumbing system and make living in your home difficult. These severe problems are called plumbing emergencies, and the most common ones are sewer line backup, burst pipes, overflowing drains, complete loss of water pressure, etc.

Such plumbing emergencies need to be addressed at the earliest. If you face any of such issues, you need to contact 24 Hour Plumbing and Heating. We offer around-the-clock emergency plumbing services in Whittler. Whether it is day or night, weekday or weekend, or a public holiday, you can give us a call, and we will dispatch our skilled technicians to your home to sort out the issue at the earliest.


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