20 Aug. 19

Why is Your Toilet Making Sounds?

You may have heard the random noises that your toilet has started to make? Only, these noises are not random and mean that there is a problem with the toilet. These may be unavoidable at times but have quick solutions. You can always contact emergency plumbing services so that this issue does not keep arising and bother you again. Let us look at some reasons your toilet is making noises:

Quick Shutting Off or Snapping of the Faucet

You may quickly shut off the faucet due to whatever reasons, or it must have had internal issues and snapped. The immediate action causes a water hammer, which is a term given to the sound produced by these reasons. When the water flow suddenly stops, the momentum of the water forces it to slam against the sides of the pipe walls. To be precise, this slamming is called water hammer, also known as a water knock. Moreover, it causes vibration across the pipes. Water hammer is more common than you might guess and can occur in other parts of the plumbing points.

Malfunctioning Float Valves

If you have noticed, sometimes there is a high-pitched sound produced as the toilet tank is refilling. There is nothing to panic in this. The problem has arisen due to the float valve or the ballcock valve. The solutions are simple and inexpensive. You can resolve this issue by adjusting the float valve or replacing the ballcock valve. Many people go ahead and replace the entire thing because it is inexpensive and considering that the tank will be dismantled entirely anyway. The whistling sound is more apparent in the ballcock system so you can also consider replacing it with a fill valve system.

Faulty Flappers

You wake up in the middle of the night to find out that your toilet flushed on its own. Anyone would assume that the ghost used the washroom. Of course, not! But this sound is called ghost flushing. The noise occurs because of the continuous seeping out of water that it gets below a certain level and finally flushes out on its own. A faulty flapper causes irregular flow. Another sound that a faulty flapper is responsible for is the hissing of the toilet. The water keeps filling and then reaches the overflow tube, where the ballcock valve or fill valve is unable to stop the running water. These problems have easy solutions that you can resolve yourself by adjusting the valves or getting professional help from emergency plumbing services at reasonable prices.

Blockages in the Pipes

There can be various gurgling sounds caused due to blockages in the drain system. These blockages are difficult to trace. A gurgling sound is produced due to blockages in the sewer drain, vent stacks or the toilet itself. In such a situation, refrain from using the toilet and call emergency plumbing services because it requires immediate attention.

Now that you have understood the various reasons your toilet is making sounds, you can always try to resolve some of these at home as they have quick fix solutions. There are multiple ways in which you can solve common toilet problems yourself. There are multiple ways in which you can solve common toilet problems yourself. Get professional assistance from reputed emergency plumbing services to keep issues away in the long run.